New Family Info


Volunteering is an important part of making our meets and functions run smoothly, quickly and flawlessly. It is very important that when you arrive at the cabana if you are working that day you check-in with the volunteer check-in person for swim meets and the Lead if you are working for an event.


For swim meets:

They are sitting or standing by the entrance gate with a clipboard. If they are not there please go back a few minutes later. Once you have done that please show up for your shift because just check-in does not = your volunteer hour completed. The check-in person or volunteer coordinator will occasionally do a “roll call” midway through the shifts.

***If you have signed up for timer, recorder, computer entry, runner, announcer, clerk of the course, head timer, hospitality, ribbons or starter there are two shifts per meet. We do not go by the times on team unify. We go by 1st and 2nd shift. The first shift starts with the Medley Relays and ends with 15/18 backstroke. The second shift starts with breaststroke and ends with the Free Relays.

**If you are a timer or recorder please sit in the lane that you signed up for. That way if the volunteer coordinator or check-in person needs to do “roll call” they can see who is missing quickly.

The cleanup shift is another shift that is not time specific. This shift starts immediately after the swim meet ends. 

For events:

Please look for the lead or Lara Luna. Either of these two people can check you in and direct you to what needs to be done.


Food Donations

If you are dropping off your donations before Saturday please make sure that you put your first and last name on it. That way you get credit for it. Please remember that each family needs to do a minimum of 1 food donation. Thank you in advance for donating. It is always appreciated. All food donations need to be made by 7AM Saturday. 


Before/Beginning of the swim meet:

  • By Monday before the upcoming swim meet please log into (Team Unify) and mark your swimmer's attendance. Use the "edit commitment" tab to declare YES, my swimmer is coming or NO, my swimmer is not coming. You can also let us know if your swimmer will be late or miss part of the meet by adding a comment in the RSVP. This helps the coaches make the medley relays ahead of time. 


  • When you arrive at the pool all swimmers need to check in to their scheduled events before entering the pool for warm-ups. At our pool, the check-in table is in front of the office. At away meets, it is outside of their club entrance. Check-in means, you or your swimmer need to initial the swimmer(s) name next to their name and you need to circle all the events that they will be swimming. For 6 & under that is 2 events and for 7-18 it is 3 events There will be volunteers to help you find your swimmer(s) name and the events that they will be swimming.



  • Check-in closes at 8:00 sharp.  If you arrive after 7:59, you will need to wait until after the start of the meet 8:30 to see the computer team at the Computer Table to request entry into your events.  Please do not interrupt her between 8:00 and 8:30 because she will be busy getting the heat assignments set for our meet!


  • If you arrive late you may or may not be able to swim in the meet. If you know you are going to arrive later than 7:59 call a friend to sign your swimmer(s) in.


  • If you arrive late for an away swim meet, that team has the option to let your swimmer(s) swim or not swim. So, please be on time or once again have a friend sign your swimmer(s) in.


  • The first event of the day starts at 8:30 sharp, which is 7/8 girls Medley Relay.



Clerk of the course:

The clerk of the course has limited space. These are some suggestion/recommendation to make it run smoother.


  • Bring your swimmer to the clerk of the course as soon as their event is called.



  • Parents/ big buddies come and drop off your little swimmer at the clerk of the course (area by the diving pool) and then stay back.


  • Parents/big buddies and swimmers do not interrupt the clerk of the course worker. If the swimmer's name was called earlier and they missed their name. It will be called one more time. 



  • Tell your swimmer that while waiting to be called or in line not to horseplay. During time trail kids got stepped on and hurt and that was just our team. During real meets, we can have twice as many kids. We are in such a tight space that it is really easy to bump into or accidentally hurt other swimmers.


  • Have swimmers stay quite so they can listen for their name and not shout out their name.



  • Once the swimmer's name is called and told what number to stand on, they need to stay there and not leave or move.


  • Remember to be a good sport and wish all swimmers good luck. We want to be known as the friendliest most encouraging team.


End of race:

Swimmers need to stay in the water until the last swimmer in their heat touches the wall.

Parents and buddies need to stay to the sides of the timing area and not block the timers or enter that area.


Swimmers need to exit the pool from their lane and not swim to the sides.


Freestyle Relays:

Please stick around after your swimmer's last event or if you need to leave, please do not leave the meet without telling the coaches because your swimmer may or may not be in a freestyle relay. The A relay is typically the top four swimmers of the day but we also would like to do a B and C relay with the rest of the swimmers.  The swimmers need to gather by the bike racks/bathroom area for the Free Relays to be announced. There they will do cheers and find out who is swimming. It is also during this time that we have parent relays.


Parent Relays:

This is your chance to show off your swimming talents to your kids and the rest of the team. You may ask what is a parent relay? The parent relay has been a long-standing tradition that we have with the rest of the league. We have a women’s race and a men’s race. Each swimmer swims 1 length of the pool. You don’t have to swim every meet if you don’t want to. We typically have an A and B relay for the men and an A for woman. If we could get a B for woman also that would be great. Remember to bring your swimming suit and an extra towel for yourself. If you are interested in being part of this let me know or just have your stuff.