SBA offers a summer swim special every year to encourage kids to keep moving in the summer, stay cool while doing it, and learn more about competitive swimming.  


Practices are held Monday through Friday at Rovella's Gym.  

The summer swim program begins Monday, June 10th and concludes Friday, August 9th.  


Kids will have a chance to swim in dual meets at our pool as well as meets at other team pools in the area.  The end of summer swim is marked by CVALS, a big swim meet with swimmers from all over northern California.


Rates for summer swim:


Rate Per



Fund Raising

Volunteer Hours

One Swimmer




$100/ Family

2 hrs/Family







Third plus


$600 Family Max





There is a $45 Pacific Swimming insurance charge for each swimmer, so if you have four kids, you would pay $650 in dues, plus 4x$45, or $180 insurance.  

The fundraising requirement means that you will participate in our fundraiser this summer, and sell $100 worth of tickets. 

The fundraiser is a basket raffle, one basket with a $50 value will be raffled EVERY DAY in July.  Tickets are only $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00.



Swim Group Levels: Once your child joins, he or she will be evaluated by our coaches to determine which group level is the best fit.  Our levels are as follows.


Mini-Dragonflies- (Beginner I)

Just beyond swim lessons.  Will spend 30 minutes per day working on the basics with other kids at the same level.  The focus is on having fun, working in a group environment, motor skills development and stroke development.

Dragonflies-   (Beginner II) 

This level swimmer will work on learning all four competitive strokes.  The focus is on instruction and drills rather than endurance.  Will spend 45 minutes per day working out.

Sea Serpents- (Intermediate I)

Sea Serpents know the strokes, but need drills and instruction to become proficient.  The 1 hour practice helps them build the endurance needed to hold good form throughout races.

Water Dragons  (aka Tweenies, Intermediate II )   

This level swimmer is proficient in all four strokes.  Instruction and drills are focused on fine tuning strokes rather than learning them.  The Water Dragons are balanced between building endurance and skill instruction.

Hydras (Intermediate III)

Experienced swimmers, focused on endurance and race training

Sea Dragons (Advanced)

Experienced to elite swimmers, focused on endurance and race training






To sign up, please fill out our Registration form and Insurance Form.  You may turn them in at the Rovella's pool deck Monday May 27-Friday May 31 from 4-6pm.  Bring your child ready to swim so the coaches can evaluate and assign a swim level.


If you have any questions, stop by, or email