Attendance Awards

The purpose of this award is to promote regular practice attendance by swimmers at all levels of the program. To be credited with attending a workout the swimmer must swim the entire practice. Attendance awards will be given out three times per year in this order:

  • After first ½ of short course season (August – Middle of December)
  • After the end of short course season (Middle of December – March)
  • After the end of Long Course season (May – July)

Any swimmer that achieves attendance awards during all three occasions will also receive an overall attendance award at our annual Fall banquet. The following is a list of each group and the minimum attendance they must meet to receive an attendance award for this past Long Course Season.

  • Bluegills                               80%
  • Sea Turtles                           85%
  • Waverunners                       90%
  • Senior                                  95%

"Practice today with tomorrow in mind!"