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7/31 Team e-mail:

Aloha Puma!

I hope that you all have been enjoying your summer despite some seriously unusual circumstances! We are all learning how to be resilient, patient, and hopefully empathetic to those around us. Hang in there and stay healthy! I can't believe it's been since early March since we have been able to offer programming. This has been a difficult time for many small businesses, especially youth recreational sports. Our goal is to find a way to keep going as a business when we are able to start programming again. On behalf of our coaching staff, we miss you all dearly and look forward to the time we get to coach your amazing kids again. I wish I had a concrete timetable for our return to programming but I don't.  In the meantime, some pools in our area are open for lap swimming.  If you are a member of KCF you can access their pools for lap swimming. It won't hurt to also let Brett Weaver in SLO and Sean Kennedy in Atascadero know how much you miss Puma! They need to know how much you value our program at their pools! Sinsheimer pool is also open for lap swimming but make sure you make a reservation before you plan on swimming. Avila Bay Club is also an option but that is open to members only.  We will start posting daily workouts in the "News" section our our website at pumaswim.org. Don't forget to get in some hikes, runs, surfing, paddleboarding and at least 1 plank for your core a day!

Take care,

Coach Jud


6/16 Team e-mail:

Hello Puma swimmers and parents,

Our coaching staff has been receiving a lot of inquiries on when we will be offering programming again. Although pools and health clubs have recently opened, swim teams are still not permitted to operate under the current state and local health guidelines. We are all anxious to get back to swimming but the reality is that programming will be implemented slowly. Right now, KCF is only offering reserved swimming for 1 person per lane for 30 minute time blocks for members only. Under the current scenario we do not have lane space available at KCF.  I am working with KCF management to try to secure pool space in the near future as restrictions are eased. If you are a current KCF member,  it wouldn't hurt for you to ask KCF staff/admin when Puma will start programming again. Let them know how much you like and value our program!  I have been developing "swim camps" with limited number of participants when we are able to secure pool space. We will have the possibility of opening our swim camps at Avila Bay Club within the next couple of weeks. I will give specific dates and how to sign up once all of our insurance and liability paperwork is complete and an agreement for programming is finalized with the Avila Bay club. We are not taking any reservations for Avila at this time. For our South County swimmers, all LMUSD HS pools remain closed. I wish I had better news for you all but this is where we are at with things.

Stay safe and take care!

Coach Jud

5/29 Team e-mail: 

Hello Puma!

We certainly miss all of you and hope that everyone is staying healthy and safe during this unusual time in our lives. As the state of California is opening up in stages, we have all been anticipating when pools will once again be open for programming. Health clubs and pools will begin programming when we enter stage 3 of the reopening process.  Please keep in mind that there will be limited amounts of participants permitted to be on the pool deck and in the pool at any given time. Our programming will look much different at the beginning stages than you are all use to.  Puma is working on our reopening plan so that when pool time is available to us we are ready to get wet! Puma will be following the CDC and local health department guidelines and all participants will be expected to adhere to all policies before being able to participate. We ask that you remain patient as even when pools start to reopen that may not include programming or space allotted for our swim club. Puma has not been given any specific dates on when we can possibly reopen but as soon as I know more, I will share it with our membership.


If you know of anyone or a business that would like to help our Puma Booster Club which is a non-profit 301(c) during this time that would be fantastic. Any funds that are donated to the Booster Club are tax deductible.  The Booster club has been the driving force behind our Annual Cancer Meet in October however the funds raised can also help Puma Aquatic Team remain solvent and continue programming once we are able to get back in the pool.

Take care,

Coach Jud Clark

3/23 Team e-mail: Click HERE

3/15 News/Team e-mail: 

  • Aloha PUMA swimmers and families,

    I hope that you are all healthy and enjoying some unexpected family time! This is truly a unique experience that we are all dealing with. Due to the health concerns and recommendations from the CDC, Governor Newsom, and USA Swimming, Puma will not be offering any programming at any of our sites for the coming week 3/16-3/21. I will update our status weekly. Hang in there and try to stay positive through this difficult time! I am working on putting together some good cross training and dry land programs that you can do daily. Check our website at pumaswim.org for more information.

    Coach Jud

MONDAY 3/16 Outdoor Cross training:

  • If it's not raining..go for a hike or fast walk for at least 30 minutes. Try to get your heart rate up into the 150-170 range for a prolonged period of time.
  • Surf, paddle board, run on the beach.


  • 1 minute plank
  • 1 minute bicycle crunches
  • 1 minute burpees
  • 1 minute in place lunges
  • shoulder stabilization laying on stomach. Bring shoulder off the ground and try to squeeze shoulder blades together. Do 12-15 reps.
  • 1 minute jump rope.




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