Water Polo

2018-19 Westside Aquatics Water Polo
High School Boys start November 3


Westside Water Polo Expectations


“Work Hard, Play Hard, Succeed Together”


Work Hard

Get to practices

Be on time to practices

Give 100% at practices


Play Hard

Play in scheduled games/tourneys

Be at games 1 hour before start

Give 100% in games

Wear correct team gear to games


Succeed Together

Support each other in the good times and bad

Help each other reach our goals




We strive to create a positive work environment for our athletes and parents, developing a strong sense of teamwork and work ethic in our players. Our coaches motivate, develop, and mentor athletes to achieve excellence both individually and collectively, in and out of the water.



  • Develop our athletes' fundamental skills and knowledge of water polo
  • Consistently help athletes move on to college programs
  • Build future leaders with world-class character
  • Create a nationally competitive, sustainable water polo program

Club Info (Click on Links): Questions? Email Coach Flanders or call 310-266-0864


What You Need to Have:

  • Club = Westside Aquatics
  • Gold Level Membership Required

Team Registration

  • Billed Quarterly
  • There is a “Family Fee" ($175)
  • Quarterly Dues (u10 = $480, u12 = $570, u14 = $690, u16 = $740, u18 = $740

Team Gear

  • Two T-Shirts Required

Where You Need to Be:


Practice Schedule


Game Schedule

Who We Are:


Matt Flanders



Adam Blakis

u10/12 Coach


Matt Flanders

U14 Boys Coach



Audrey Chein

​Girls Coach