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Piranhas By-Laws

The by-laws are listed on this page.  The links below will help you get to the relevant portion quickly or you can scroll down to read them.  If you have any questions, just ask a Board Member.

Article I: Name

This organization shall be known as the Pineloch Piranhas Swim Team, Inc., and shall hereinafter be referred to as the team.

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of the team is to sponsor competitive and developmental swimming and diving events and activities in the area subdivisions represented by the Pineloch Community Association and between other community swimming pools in the Houston, Texas area: to develop in the children affected by this program a love for the sport, advanced aquatic skills, teamwork, and the principles of good sportsmanship. The team may sponsor activities that are consistent with the purpose of the team as set forth above. The team shall be a nonprofit organization.

Article III: Membership

All children residing in the area of Pineloch Community Association are eligible to apply for membership to the Pineloch Piranhas Swim Team. Those residing outside the area of the Pineloch Community Association will be considered for membership with the intent of the roster to be at least two-thirds Pineloch Residents. Because of fluctuating membership during the swimming season, any non-resident who becomes a member at any time during a season can be a member for the whole season. Membership one season by a non-resident also makes the swimmer eligible to register the following season in spite of the two-thirds resident ratio. Membership by one member of a family makes all family members eligible to register in spite of the two-thirds resident ratio. Membership is contingent on full payment of assessment.

Article IV: Officers

The officers of the team shall be a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, league representative senior, league representative junior, clerk-of-course, volunteer coordinator, and registration/roster coordinator. Only one parent or guardian of a swimmer on the team shall be eligible for election to one of the above positions. A position may also be occupied by two individuals (i.e., husband and wife). If a position is held by two people, each person will have one-half (1/2) of a vote. These officers shall be referred to as the board. Officers will serve a one year term or until all business from that season is completed. The time necessary to finalize all activities from the previous season shall be no longer than two months from the election of the next board. At this time, all activities and responsibilities will be transferred to the new board.

Article V: Duties of Officers

Section 1: President: The president shall have general management and control of the business of the board and shall perform such duties as ordinarily pertain to that office in overseeing the operation and activities of the team. He shall preside at all meetings, workshops, activities, etc. of the board.  The president shall be responsible for handling grievances from team parents and shall be the primary contact to the Pineloch Community Association [PCA].

Section 2: Vice President: The vice president shall assist the President and, in the absence of the President, shall assume the duties of that office. The Vice President shall also be responsible for the following items: newsletter, e-mail group list, web page, BMOD scheduling and PCA pool committee.

Section 3: Secretary: The secretary shall prepare and sign the minutes of all meetings of the board, and shall record such other resolutions, rules, procedures, etc., adopted by the board. He shall incorporate the reports of the Treasurer and all committee chairmen into the minutes of the meeting at which presented. He shall distribute to the board members all correspondence as may be necessary for the business or operation of the team. The Secretary is also responsible for the Swim-A-Thon, team publicity and sponsorship.

Section 4: Treasurer: The treasurer shall be responsible for all funds of the team and shall deposit said funds in a bank approved by the board. He shall keep full and accurate accounts and shall at each meeting report the status of the team's account. The treasurer shall pay all bills as provided under Article XI, Receipts and Disbursements. With input from the board, the Treasurer shall develop a budget for approval at or before the November meeting.  The treasurer shall also organize the concessions for home meets and manage retail sales.

Section 5: League Representative, Senior: He shall be the primary league representative. The league representative shall attend all board and league meetings and act as liaison between team and league. The senior league representative shall be responsible for all swim team equipment and team swim suits.

Section 6: League Representative, Junior: He shall be the secondary league representative. The league representative shall attend all board and league meetings and act as liaison between team and league. The junior league representative shall be responsible for team pictures, trophies and the team awards picnic.

Section 7: Volunteer Coordinator: The volunteer coordinator shall be responsible for arranging the volunteer roster during all swim meets. Additionally, the Volunteer Coordinator shall also be responsible for maintaining/tracking all team officials [starters and stroke-and-turn judges]. The volunteer coordinator shall also be responsible for appointing a training chair, head timer and tent crew.

Section 8: Clerk-of-Course: The Clerk-of-Course shall be responsible for all meet information: entries, heat sheets, cards, scoring, records [league and team] and ribbons.

Section 9: Registration & Roster Coordinator: The registration and roster coordinator shall be responsible for organizing the pre- and open registration events. He/she is responsible for maintaining the team roster and sending changes to the league weekly during the regular season. His/her responsibilities consist of the following: registration and roster.

Article VI: Founders 

The following individuals shall be designated as founders and shall be designated as officers of the first board for the team. They shall fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the these respective positions:

  President: Greg Hauptman
  Vice President: Richard Leveque
  League Representative: Ken Kesselring
  Treasurer: William Snow
  Secretary: Ellen Staniszewski  [top of page]

Article VII: Voting

Each officer in attendance at the board shall be entitled to cast one vote in board matters. Any subject being voted upon which does not receive a majority vote shall be determine by additional votes of the board established committee chairmen in attendance. 

Article VIII: Functions

The board shall constitute the supreme governing body and shall be subject to the provisions of the bylaws. The board will have full authority to act for and on behalf of the team in the conduct of its activities.

Article IX: Meetings

The regular meetings of the board shall be held once a month on such dates and places as determined by the board at a previous meeting. Additional meetings and workshops shall be held as provided for in the bylaws. For the purpose of conducting any meeting, a majority of the board must be present to constitute a quorum. A meeting may be canceled by a majority of the board in attendance or by a majority of the total board at a separate time.[top of page]

Article X: Registration

A registration assessment in the amount determined by the board each year shall be payable prior to the registrant participating in any team activities.

Article XI: Receipts and Disbursements

Section 1: Handling of Funds: The Treasurer shall receive, disburse and account for all funds of the team.

Section 2: Nominal Funds: The defrayment of normal operating costs no more than $50.0 per expenditure will be approved by the President and Treasurer, and require no other approval.

Section 3: Other use of funds: Disbursements for items other than items in section 2 are to be approved by the board with a majority vote necessary for approval.

Section 4: Receipts: Operating funds may be obtained by team sponsorship, donations, registration assessments, concessions, and advertisements approved by the board. The amount and acceptance of funds as listed above must receive final approval of the board.

Section 5: Budget: The board and chairmen of all approved committees shall develop a budget and approve same during the November board meeting.

Section 6: Banking: The team's checking account will have the President's, Vice-President's, and the Treasurer's signature on the signature card. Two signatures will be necessary on all checks generated for the team's business as described by these By-laws.

Section 7: Audit: The Treasurer's accounts shall be examined annually by an auditing committee composed of three members appointed by the President. The audit committee shall be selected at the August Meeting. An audit report will be submitted to the board President at least five (5) days prior to the Annual Meeting.

Section 8: Dissolution: In the event the team dissolves, the board will disperse all of funds and assets for the good of the team.

Article XII: Elections

Section 1: Elections: Officers shall be elected annually at a parents' meeting called by the president. Prior to the meeting, all participating families will be notified. Each family participating the previous season will have one (1) vote. Each swim family shall cast their vote by voice acclamation, or raising their hand at this annual end-of-season meeting. At the sole discretion of the board, secret ballots, in writing, may be required to be cast by all eligible families. 

Section 2: Nominations: The president shall appoint a nominating committee to prepare a slate of officers at least one month prior to the annual meeting. These nominations shall not preclude additional nominations from the floor during the annual meeting.

Section 3: Assumption of office: The newly elected board will assume duties at the close of business of the annual meeting or when appointed as provided in Section 5 of this article.

Section 4: Replacement of President: Upon resignation of the president, such office shall be assumed by the vice-president until the next regular election. The office of vice-president will be assumed as described in Section 5 of this article.

Section 5: Replacement of other officers: A vacancy of any elected office other than the president will be appointed by the board.

Article XIII: Committees

Section 1: Standing Committees: Committees shall consists of a chairman approved by the board and such other persons as are selected by the committee chairman. Board meetings will be attended by all chairmen or designated representatives and report or bring up for discussion all matters relevant to such committee. Chairmen will not normally vote during board meetings, but on such matters that the board is evenly split on an issue the chairmen or designated representatives shall each have a vote on the issue being considered. The committees listed below are a suggested list and may be modified, altered, combined, etc., as each board votes to best operate the team:

Officials (Training and Scheduling)
Registration,  Roster Cards and Heat Sheets
Clerk of Course
Safety and Grievance
Pictures and Trophies - Publicity
Awards Picnic
T-shirts and Supplies
Timers, Tent Crew, Advisors and Announcers
E-mail, web page, newsletter

Section 2: Team Organization: Each committee chairman shall report to the vice-president, league representative, secretary, or treasurer with the intent of each of the above mentioned board members being responsible for an equal number of committees. These mentioned board members report to the President as illustrated in the accompanying example of organizational chart, which is an attachment to these by-laws.

Section 3: Special Committees: All other committees and chairmen shall be approved by the board and other persons, selected by the chairman as necessary for the committee. 

Article XIV: Amendments

Amendments to the constitution may be made at any regular meeting of the board by a sixty percent (60%) vote of the voting board members, provided such amendment is presented to the board members in writing and has been read to the board at a previous meeting. In no case shall chairmen vote on proposed amendments.

Article XV: Special Meetings

Special meetings of the team shall be called by the President or a majority of the board members. Notification must be made by the President to each board member at least five (5) days in advance of the special meeting date.

Article XVI: Order of Business

Section 1: Normal Order of Business: The normal order of business shall be as listed. Suspension of foregoing order only by majority vote of those present. At regular meetings of the board the order of business shall be:

 Meeting called to order
 Reading and approval of minutes of previous meeting
 Report of treasurer
 Reports of committees
 Old business
 New business

Section 2: Rules: Unless otherwise provided for in these bylaws, Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall be used for transacting business.

Article XVII: Annual Meeting

The President will call an annual meeting of all families participating in the previous summer's team activities. The purpose of the meeting is to review the previous summer's activities including but not limited to: the Treasurer's annual report, Committee chairmen reports, comments and input from parents in order to improve future years and the election of new board officers.

Article XVIII: Code of Ethics

Section 1: General Behavior: It shall be considered improper and inconsistent with honorable and dignified behavior for any member of the team or adult:

A. To conduct himself in an unsportsmanlike manner on or near any team activity.
B. To enter the pool area being used for a team activity while intoxicated or to become intoxicated during a team activity.
C. To use obscene or abusive language during any team activity.
D. To conduct himself in any manner that can be considered detrimental to the best interests of the team.

Section 2: Violations: Anyone violating any of the above rules of ethics or intentionally disregarding any of these bylaws shall be subject to immediate expulsion of the team by vote of the board. If any officer of the board or committee chairmen is being considered for expulsion, such individual shall not participate in such vote.

Section 3: Grievances: Any grievance concerning the team or any reason associated with the team shall be directed to the chairmen of the Safety and Grievance Committee or the President in the absence of said chairmen.

Article XIX: Disclaimers

References to the Pineloch Community Association in no way confers legal or binding responsibility by said association.