BSSC Team Suits

A team suit is NOT required, but if you would like to purchase a suit or other merchandise:

BALDWINSVILLE SWIM CLUB:: Team Locker Room Ordering Instructions

*KNOW YOUR SIZES! There are no returns/exchanges on product with logo embroidered.
*To receive order on-time you must place by 9/29/17
*Caps are available to order until 9/29/17
*If ordering product with NAME - type Name in Comment Box during checkout.
*QUESTIONS during the ordering process? Email



For Orders placed BEFORE or ON SEPTEMBER 29th, 2017:

Your Delivery Method Option while logged into your Team Locker Room is "COMPLETE TEAM ORDER".  All ON-TIME orders will go to JILL SMITH, free of shipping charge. JILL will distribute all ON-TIME orders to the team.  Expect embroidery items to arrive later than other items.

For Orders placed AFTER SEPTEMBER 29th, 2017:

The Delivery Method options available during checkout will be STANDARD SHIPPING.  We will ship to your home at our standard shipping fee.  If ordering after 9/29, do not expect order to be available until after those who ordered on-time and after the first meet.

To Access your TEAM LOCKER ROOM:


-On the left click TEAMS

-In the yellow box on right: Team Locker Room Log: Enter your USER NAME & PASSWORD   


                  USER NAME: