Team Tryouts

Thank you everyone for two amazing tryouts!

The results from both tryouts are now posted below. Everyone who was there is welcomed into the YMCA family. The purpose of tryouts was to place each swimmer in the correct group that will lead to the most enjoyment and improvement for everyone. For some, this means that we have placed them in the group to start or continue with lessons before taking on the competitive swim program. Registration paperwork will be available at the front desk and must be completed before September 3. Our season begins September 13. If you have any questions, please email [email protected] We look forward to seeing all of you soon!


If you missed tryouts and would still like to join the team, please contact us. Also, returning Bluefish do not need to tryout.


August 7 Results

Blue Group Bronze Group Silver Group

Abruzzo, Patti

Anderson, Penelope

Bracero, Alyssa

Chojnacki, Brayden

Cohen, Max

Cuthbertson, Emilia

Erardy, Nora

Eschenauer, Brigid

Eschenauer, Nora

Felice, Sofia

Freedman, Logan

Giordano, Declan

Giordano, Luca

Gulickson, Meghan

Karpoich, Charlotte

Kim, Aiden

Kim, Brayan

Kraft, Georgia

Mardosa, Sophia

Martin, Ethan

McKay, Alistair

Reina, Francesca

Schiffmacher, Ryan

Schultz, Sophia

Tortora, Bobby

Cortes, Mariana

Cuevas, Sabrina

Cuthbertson, Antonia

Eschenauer, Colleen

Johnson, Jasper

Proctor, Campbell

Sanborn, Liam

Stratton, Charlotte

Sundberg, Kaiden

Van Horn, Ella

Van Horn, Katherine

Burget, Maya

Corbeaux, Etienne

Cuthbertson, Angelina

Jasinski, Kazper


We recommend the following future Bluefish join our lessons program:

Freedman, Riley

Giordano, Celeste

Giordano, Marcus

Grattan, Alyssa

Lewis, Warren

McCue, Liam

Roth, Lillian

Schiffmacher, Ellie

Schiffmacher, Timothy

Wiepert, Sean



August 14 Results

Blue Group Bronze Group

Anselmo, Charlie

Anselmo, Olivia

Belcher, Victoria

Butkovich, Stella

Cox, Eva

DiAgostino, Gianna

Divers, Alexandre

Dunn, Ella

English, Chad

Fortuna, Sofia

Hahn, Alison

Latifi, Lily

Marcantonio, Thomas

Marcantonio, Joseph

Mardovich, Ella

Mercurio, Olivia

Mercurio, Madison

O'Donnell, Finnian

O'Hanlon, Giada

Patitucci, Olivia

Pitt, Sophie

Poli, Phoebe

Portalatin, John

Reed, Lauren

Rodriguez-Villa, Marta

Rubcewich, John

Shabronsky, Julia

Smith, Gabby

Syvertsen, Emilia

Wang, James

Yanes, Maria

Bojer, Jack

Casaccio, Sophia

Evangelist, Bridget

Gesell, Molly

Gleason, Cordelia

Hoffman, Ruby


Kennelly, Lila

Stewart, Zenoven

Silver Group

O'Hanlon, Liam

Proscia, Joshua


We recommend the following future Bluefish join our lessons program:

Algieri, Enzo

Botte, Sadie

Botte, Adelle

Cotignola, Joseph

DeStefano, Nicoli

DeVito, Cali

Hahn, Ryan

Horkinish, Adelina

Horkinish, Emma

Pitt, Leo

Reed, Erin

Treanor, Daniel


Other Tryouts

Blue Group Lessons

Bunt, Addison

Dinolfo, Lilliana

Kass, Sandra

LaPosta, Sydney

 Brancato, Olivia

 Brancato, Sophia






Huntington YMCA Bluefish Swim Team Try-Out Information


Try-outs will be held at the Huntington YMCA (60 Main Street Huntington, NY 11743) 
+Try-out participants should come prepared with a bathing suit, goggles, swim cap (optional) and towel. 
+All swimmers will be asked to swim all of the following strokes to the best of their ability: 
Freestyle, Backstroke, Breastroke, and Butterfly. 
If you have any questions, please contact: [email protected]  or  
 631-421-4242 Ext. 2189 




60 Main Street . Huntington, NY 11743 . 631.421.4242.