Swim Groups

Our team is currently organized into 4 different practice groups.  Eligibility for each group depends on age and ability.

Please call us at 317-219-3634 to schedule a tryout, or
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Bronze Beginner (Bronze B)

Beginner swimmers up to 12 years old.  Participants must know Freestyle and Backstroke.  Most swimmers in this group will be coming out of our learn-to-swim program.  We hope that a swimmer will participate in this for about a season, after which they advance to Bronze Advanced.

Bronze Advanced (Bronze A)

Beginner swimmers who know how to dive off the starting blocks and do most of the competitive turns.  When a swimmer turns 9 years old and can legally compete a 200 individual medley.

Silver Beginner (Silver B)

This is our beginning group for middle school swimmers.  9 years old through 8th grade.

Silver Advanced (Silver A)

This is our middle school age group.  9 years old and up to 8th grade.  All 8th graders will move to the Gold group after spring break.  That way 8th graders will get the entire summer and fall in the high school group prior to high school season.


This is our high school group.  This is intense training to develop and prepare college bound swimmers.