• Head Coach - Grant Gamblin
  • Assistant Coach - Debra Reger
  • Manager -

Zone Candidate Announcement

Alaska Swimming Inc.

All Star Swim Team Selection Committee

Re: 2014 Zones, Federal Way, WA

Dear Coaches and Swimmers and families,

We are proud to extend the opportunity to apply to the following swimmers (see attached list) to be part of a great Alaskan Swimming tradition; to field the best possible swimmers to represent our State at the 2014 Western Zones Championship Meet. The Coaches and Staff will assure a safe and learning atmosphere, as we will be leaving Alaska on July 31, 2013 and returning August 12, 2013, for training and team building. 

To keep the costs as affective as possible we need to get a commitment to join and to train for this prestigious annual meet as soon as possible.  APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY SATURDAY AT JO’S.  The 2014 Zone Team will be announced at finals on Sunday at JO’s.

The coaching staff has agreed to allow 10/youngers to travel with parents, 11-14 year olds are required to travel with the team.  Estimated cost is airfare plus $0 - $500 after ASI reimbursement.

So Coaches and Parents please, if interested, contact:

Grant Gamblin, Head Coach, 2014 Alaska All-Star Team

            Phone: 907-317-2254                        email:

Debra Reger, Assistant Coach, 2014 Alaska All-Star Team

            Phone: 907-952-4397                        email:

Scott Griffith, ASI Age Group Chair

            Phone: 907-957-1815                        email:

The following swimmers are encouraged to apply.  Anyone may apply.  The zone committee will select the top 4 or 5 athletes in each age group.

10 & Younger Girls    

Dreamer Kowatch, AST

Alicia Sarnowski, Cordova

Lydia Jacoby, Seward

10/younger Boys

11/12 Girls

Leah DeGeorge, AST

Emily Krause, AST

Cassidy Gillay, NPAC

Grace Keller, Valdez

11/12 Boys

Makai Saline, BBSC

Noah Loseby, GSC

13/14 Girls

Cheyenne Burke, KNIK

Erin Moody, AST

Whitney McArthur, BBSC

Elcee Evershed, MSST

Skylar Moore, BBSC

Jessica Davis, BBSC

Isabel Powers, Chugiak

Sydney Kimber, BBSC

Camryn Williams, AST

13/14 Boys

Luke James, KKF

Nigel Floyd, KNIK

Jake Simmons, WWSC

Bergen Davis, GSC

Daniel Smith, KNIK