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Family Involvement
The most important thing you can do as family members of a swimmer is to love and support them, both in and out of the pool. Supporting your swimmer as well as their team is essential for success. Parents are expected to volunteer to help run at least one home meet, either on deck or by helping with concessions. Also, families and swimmers participate in fundraisers that help support the YMCA and our team. Job Signups will be posted on the “Events” page prior to home or championship meets and team hosted events (notices also sent via email). General volunteer information is on the "Volunteer" page. If you have not done so already, please also review our Parent Handbook (download and print a copy for reference if needed).
MORE INFORMATION: Parent Handbook | Successful Sports Parenting | Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Schedules
Team Communications / Registering For Events

Parents are encouraged to speak with the coaches before or after practice or to set up a time that is convenient. Please do not try to talk to coaches during practice or when they are busy during a swim meet. Also, while email is very convenient, the swim season can be quite hectic and people may not have time to respond to emails immediately. Answers to most common questions parents have can be found by browsing our website. The Navigation Bar above has self explanatory links, for example swim meets and team hosted events are found under the "Events" tab. For planning purposes, it is vital to register for swim meets well in advance. This gives the coach ample time to think about and place swimmers into appropriate events as well as communicate those events to you and your swimmer.

Parents are responsible for being aware of each upcoming registration deadline. A great way to always be “in the know” is to sign up to help out. Routine team notifications will typically have answers to common questions about specific events as they come up on the calendar. Specific meet information, warm up and start times, and other instructions will be sent via email. If you have more specific questions, or would like to volunteer, contact your Coach or one of our MRPAC members.  If you are not receiving team emails, please let us know immediately.

Swimmers: The coaches are there to answer your questions during practice, and also help you with your goals. At swim meets, feel free to speak with the coach about your events.

MORE INFORMATION: Registering For EventsPool Locations | CONTACT: Trevor Edmunds | Coaches/ MRPAC
USA Swimming
Manta Rays Swimmers are automatically eligible to enter YMCA meets. Optional USA Swimming registration offers opportunities to enter additional meets. Registration Applications are accepted year-round. Annual registration opens in September, and is valid through December 31 of the following year. Annual registration fee is $69. Contact Coach Trevor for more information and a Registration Application.
MORE INFORMATION: USA Swimming | CONTACT: Head Coach Trevor Edmunds
TeamUnify On Deck APP
Parents have the option of installing the free OnDeck app on their smartphone. This app is integrated into the teams online data base and will allow you to download your swimmers times, meet information and team news to your device. Visit the TeamUnify website for download links and more info.