Swim Groups

The Shippensburg Aquatic Club (SAC) offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of SAC to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual to the best of their abilities.

The coaching staff assigns all swimmers to their respective practice group.  All swimmers are registered members of USA Swimming.  There will be no "group hopping" and swimmer movement into a new group will only happen after a conference between the coach, parent, and swimmer to determine both interest and readiness.

Group 1:

Geared for new/novice competitive swimmers. This level involves 90% skill instruction with 10% endurance swimming work.  Pre-requisites for Level 1 include 25 yards of freestyle with rotary breathing, 25 yards of backstroke, and 25 yards of competitive breaststroke.  Swimmers in Level 1 will develop appropriate practice habits, enhance their fundamentals of competitive swimming, build strong kicking skills, and gain proficiency in the four competitive strokes, along with starts, turns, and finishes.  

Level 2:

Designed for swimmers with one year or more of competitive experience and new swimmers (less than one year experience) who demonstrate proficiency in all four strokes. This level includes 75% skill instruction with 25% swimming endurance.  Swimmers are introduced to aerobic training systems, endurance kicking, and developing versatility among the four competitive strokes.  


Group 3:

Swimmers in Group 3 have multiple years of competitive swimming experience. With four-stroke and IM proficiency and will begin competing in longer distance races within their age group. Group 3 practices are 50% stroke development and 50% training. Group 3 swimmers are registered with USA Swimming to provide enhanced levels of competition beyond the local swim league. Training is cycled from stroke development, to endurance improvement, to increased speed work as the season progresses. Swimmer goal times in each event will be guided by USA Swimming's Motivational Time Standards.


Group 4:

Swimmers in this group are advanced.  Practice consists of 75% swim training and 25% stroke instruction.  Swimmers continue to build aerobic endurance, train and compete in USA Swimming, and begin strength development.  


Group 5/Varsity:

Our top level is designed for high school student-athletes and advanced swimmers. Practice consists of 90% swim training and 10% stroke instruction.  Strength training is also a key component of this group. Varsity swimmers may train prior to their high school season with SAC and the possibility of one night per week during the high school season.


Meet schedules are tailored based on the competitive needs and expectations of each training group.

Prospective team members may contact us at [email protected] to schedule a skill assessment, or to request for more information.