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The purpose of the Swim Library page is to create a source of informative articles that brings essential information to both the parents and athletes.  Some of the topics you will encounter in the Library will include training, nutrition, health issues, education, family and friends, as well as many other subjects specific to competitive swimming.  If you have any suggestions for topics or any questions in particular, please feel free to contact  us at [email protected].
Competition and Children  What are some of the motivating factors for children involved in the sport of swimming? Is the parent competing or is it the child? This article offers some ideas on understanding healthy competition at the age group level.
Officials and Their Duties  A brief overview of the different officials needed to run a USA Swimming sanctioned meet. The volunteer officials and timers are essential to the smooth running of competitions. Each team is required to supply 1 official or timer per 5 swimmers for each day of competition. Volunteers please contact Coach Kathy  at 329-3527. Mahalo Nui!
These articles discuss some ideas on year round swimming and children in athletics or sports. Enjoy!!
Phases of Athlete Development  Describes the different levels of development of the age group swimmers in the Mecklenburg Aquatic Program. The article shows how an age group program must adapt according to the changes in the population it serves.
Professionalizing the Coaching of Swimming  An article written by John Leonard, President of the American Swim Coaches Association (A.S.C.A.), on how and what is being done to keep the standards within this industry.  Discussess and recognizes the importance of continuing education for coaches at all levels.
Lifetime Fitness  &  Swimming as An Investment    Both articles give a brief overview of the lifetime health benefits children can gain by  participating in age group swimming and other related organized sports or athletic activites. This is an important topic for parents to discuss with their children, specially in their formative years.  Assisting children in developing healthy nutrition, exercise and rest habits is an important component of our training program.
Watching Your Child During Workouts Many of you enjoy watching your child’s practices, games, performances,etc.  This article gives you some insight as to what to do or not to do during practice.  Often a parents’ presence can be distracting to the individual swimmers. They will pay attention first to their parents and then to their coaches/teachers which can be confusing and frustrating.
As coaches we are constantly educating ourselves in order to bring the best and latest in training for your children in a safe environment.  Please remember that we will not tell you how to parent your child; however, we really appreciate if you dont "Coach" your child.
Mahalo Nui for your Kokua
How to Help Your Swim Team     Volunteers are essential for the smooth running of the team as well as competitions.  Contact us for more inofrmation!