LWM Policies


Masters: $120/month - unlimited workouts during the month at Juanita only

Drop in: $15/visit or you may purchase a 10 punch pass, that does not expire, for $150.

Drop in fees may only be a cash or check transaction (checks made out to Wave Aquatics)



Is available only online through  

Monthly dues are due on the 1st of each month. Account will be charged automatically on the 1st business day of the month for their monthly dues.


Suspending Billing/Accounts:

In order to suspend your account, discontinue monthly billing, or move to drop in fees for the 1st of the following month forward, a request must be received in writing to [email protected] at least 10 days before the end of the month.

LWM annual fiscal calendar operates from September-August.

An annual registration fee will be assessed for all monthly members of both masters and tri-training 1x/year.  This fee will be assessed on the September 1st billing cycle each year and will be good for September-August (12 months)


Coaches Travel Policy:

All members attending a coach declared travel meet will be responsible/billed for 10% of the cost associated with the coaches travel to and from the meet (not to include per diem cost).


Direction for updating your billing or paying a past due account:

To Make a Payment on Your Account:

Log into

Select $My Invoice/Payment under My Account

Select Make Payment tab at the top

Select >> Edit and input your new card information into the pop up window and Save Changes

Select Pay Now





Common Pre Sets Sets:


     Variable 1

           12x25 on :40

           1-   12 ½  fast, 12 ½ easy

           2-   12 ½ easy, 12 ½ fast

           3-   25 easy

           4-   25 fast


Variable 2

     12x25 on :40

         1-   12 ½ overkick, 12 ½ easy

         2-   12 ½ tempo, 12 ½ easy

         3-   25 easy

         4-   25 sprint



Cycle 3

     12x 25 on :40

          1-   Distance Per Stroke (DPS)

          2-   Tempo

          3-   Sprint


Cycle 4

     12x25 on :45

          1-   Underwater

          2-   Distance Per Stroke (DPS)

          3-   Tempo

          4-   Sprint



Terms of Use:


Distance Per Stoke - Lowest stroke count, most efficient stroke

Tempo- high stroke rate, no reach and no finish, on the stroke

Sprint- Full on race stroke, distance per stroke and a higher stroke rate

Underwater- swimming underwater for the full length of the pool

Hypoxic- breathing restricted swims

Over Kick- kick with 90% power to the kick and only 10% power to the arms- kicking harder than anything else during freestyle

Interval- a specific allotted time for  swim or distance or an allotted amount of rest between swims

KDS- Kick Drill Swim

SKIPS- Swim, Kick, IM, Pull, Swim

SKPS- Swim, Kick, Pull, Swim

Pull- arm dominated swim, usually involving a pull bouy

Descending- swims get progressively faster in a series

Ascending- swim get progressively slower in a series

Build- over the course of a defined distance, speed increases each stroke until reaching top speed at the end of the length

Negative split-  the time of the second part of the swim, is faster than the time of the first part of the swim

Positive split- the time of the first part of the swim is faster than the time of the second part of the swim

IM- individual medley, consisting of fly, back, breast and free

Relay- a team event consisting of 4 swimmers of the same gender.  Each swimmer takes an equal leg of the swim.  Relays are offered in freestyle and medleys (back, breast, fly, free)

Mixed relay- a relay made up of 2 male and 2 female swimmers.  Relays are offered in freestyle and medley orders

SCY- short course yards or a 25 yard pool

SCM- short course meters or a 25 meter pool

LCM- long course meters, a 50 meter pool, or Olympic size pool

USMS- United States Masters Swimming

USAS- USA Swimming

National Championships- offered 2x/year.  The spring is SCY and summer is LCM

Split- a time associated with a portion of the distance swam

Streamline- the body and and arm position used in starts, turns, and underwaters.  This is the fastest body position in the water

Circle swimming- when 2 or more swimmers are in a lane together, they follow a circular pattern down the lane, swimming along the right side of the lane

Dryland- exercises done on the deck 

Pullout- the underwater phase of the breaststroke swim

Underwaters- can refer to a set of swims where the swimmer swims the entire length under water, or can refer to the off the wall/off the start portion of any swim