About Us

Carpet Capital Aquatic Club is a year round USA swimming program.  Year–round swimming is designed to be done at the individual’s own pace and desired goals. Whether those goals are a fun activity to spend time with friends all the way up to those aspiring to Olympic gold medals, our club is here to promote and foster our athletes.

Our talented coaching staff is dedicated to helping each athlete establish and attain the highest level of training and competition they aspire to.

A practice schedule is available for swimmers based on their level of accomplishment and desired level of training. Coaches love to see their athletes in the water as often as possible of course, but understand that every individual has other activities in their lives and promote their involvement.  A current practice schedule can be viewed under the Group Calendars tab above.

Meets are usually attended once a month and are promoted by our coaching staff to foster individual competition and measure progress of training goals. No meets are mandatory.

Below are some frequently asked questions about our program but if you need more information please contact us via email by clicking the Contact button above. 

How old must my child be to join the program?

We do not have a set age requirement, we have had swimmers as young as four who were ready to join the team.  If you are interested in the program but unsure if your child is ready, one of our coaches would be glad to evaluate them and let you know if they are ready for the team or if they maybe need a few lessons to help them prepare. 

How often will they practice?

Practice schedules vary based on groups, our beginner groups practice four days a week and our senior groups practice five days a week plus M,W,F and Sat am practices.  All practices are optional, how often they attend practice is completely up to you although the number of practices attended has a direct correlation with their progress and performance.

What is the cost?


Annual Registration

Two of the big changes we made this year affected the annual registration cost.  The first change is that we are now offering two different registration options.  

The Flex Membership is for those swimmers who do not want to compete in meets or only want to compete on a limited basis.  Flex Members are limited to two USA Swimming competitions per year.  We recommend you attend the two meets CCAC hosts.  The Jingle Bell Classic in December and Mako-Mania in March. You can always upgrade (and pay the difference) later if you want to do more than two meets. The Flex Membership is $65 per swimmer per year.

The next change is we lowered the cost of our “Full Registration”.  Our Full Registration is for swimmers that want the option to compete in all of the meets that CCAC attends.  The new Full Registration fee is now $125 per swimmer per year.


Monthly Dues

As many of you have noticed, we have added practice days for the Bronze and Silver Groups.  All groups now have the opportunity to practice 6 days a week.  We did this out of convenience for our families more than anything.  We have also adjusted pricing structures for each group based on a maximum of allowed practices.  We also added another pricing level to the Senior Group.  We have a pretty large group of swimmers that are competing at a National level.  We needed to adjust the cost for that group based on the time and travel it takes to support those swimmers.

Bronze Group 

Maximum of 2 practices per week - $65

Maximum of 4 practices per week - $95

Silver Group

Maximum of 6 practices per week - $105

Maximum of 3 practices per week - $80

Gold Group

Maximum of 6 practices per week - $115

Maximum of 3 practices per week - $90

Bullet Group

Maximum of 6 practices per week - $120

Senior Group

Unlimited practices – $130

Maximum of 3 practices per week - $95

High Performance (HP) Group

Unlimited practices - $150