Swim Lessons

Waterworks Swimming/Family FitnessWorks offers Starfish Aquatics Institute

(SAI) as a provider.

SAI is one of the largest lifeguard, swim instructor and pool operator certifying agencies in the United States. In partnership with Human Kinetics, SAI offers state-of-the-art training courses and also provides risk management services to the aquatic industry.

Founded by Jill White, a renowned aquatics expert, SAI uses an integrated experiential approach to learning. All SAI training programs incorporate this innovative technique.

Family Fitness Works is using the Starfish Swimming® Instructor Certification “The Starfish Swimming program is a total curriculum based on core competencies that are idea for any teaching situation,” said Donavan. “It is an effective swimming instruction system for all ages and abilities, from infant through swim team.”

We offer lessons for everyone starting at the age of 6 months and Up!

StarBabies (6mon-3yrs):  The purpose of this course is to develop in very young children a high comfort level in the water while at the same time training parents in water safety and drowning prevention.  This course does not teach children to become accomplished swimmers or survive in the water; it does provide a confidence building, fun, loving experience.  One parent or caregiver must be in the water with each child.

Class dates/times:

6 class sessions meeting on Saturday's at 10:30 (over 2 months)

By appt. Only
Starfish Swim School (3yrs +):  Designed to meet the needs of various swim levels.  This course will develop a high comfort level in the water, a readiness to swim, along with safety and swim skills.  This class approaches teaching swimming through creative, fun activities in the water.  Students work towards development of the 5 core swimming competencies and receive color level patches for each achievement.  Children progress at their own pace in a small group setting.


Class dates/times:   

Monday, March 6 – Wednesday, March 29

Monday, April 3 – Wednesday, April 26

Monday, May 1 – Wednesday, May 24

Monday, June 5 – Wednesday, June 28

Monday, July 3 – Wednesday, July 26

Monday, August 7 – Wednesday, August 30

Wednesday, September 6 – Monday, October 2

Monday, October 9 – Wednesday, November 1

Monday, November 6 – Wednesday, November 29**

Monday, December 4 – Wednesday, December 20**

Only 6 classes in December --- prorated!!!

**Depending on RHS schedule

Adult Water Safety Class (ages 15+):  This course is designed to improve comfort and skill in the water, regardless of past swimming experience.  Perfect for adults who desire to learn or improve strokes and water skills for fitness and fun.  This class provides a relaxed environment and is tailored to the needs of each individual student.

Class dates/times:

Contact Family FitnessWorks to schedule a class time!

*Las clases en espanol a partir de esta primavera.