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Welcome families! Thank you for your interest in the Minnetonka Swim Club.

Part of Minnetonka Aquatics, a program of Minnetonka Schools, the Minnetonka Swim Club is a United States Swimming (USS), coach-directed competitive swim team offering high-quality, professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. 

The goals of our team are to provide every member an opportunity to improve swimming skills and achieve success at his or her level of ability, from novice to international competitor.

Read on to learn more about our team, coaching, training philosophy, structure and more.

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Why swim?
USA Swimming

Like all extracurricular activities, competitive swimming expands upon the growth and development that begins with families and education. Swimming offers many unique advantages over other sports and clubs that make it an ideal choice for young people. Long-time swimmers can attest to the life skills gained by participation, including time management, goal setting, cooperation and independence. Swimming:

  • Uses all the body’s major muscle groups, promoting complete development.

  • Offers the most complete aerobic fitness possible.

  • Enhances flexibility while building strength.

  • Helps develop superior coordination skills because of the complexity of the four multidimensional strokes and various techniques.

  • Is a low impact sport and therefore enjoys a low rate of serious injuries.

  • Adapts as one ages and can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

  • Develops swimmers mentally, through strategy, concentrations and discussions of related areas, such as physiology, nutrition, and psychology.

  • Develops self-discipline, which transfers over to life skills outside the pool. 

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Our Coaches

The Minnetonka Swim Club offers an experienced, highly trained coaching staff. Our lead coaches are members of the American Swim Coaches Association and all of our coaches are Red Cross certified in First Aid, CPR, and Coaches Safety Training.

As former competitive swimmers, Minnetonka Swim Club coaches understand the developmental needs of athletes and know what it takes to get better and faster. More importantly, however, they understand that each athlete is an individual--and as such, they put the long-term development of swimmers first.

Our coaching staff is committed to ensuring that young athletes swim to the highest level they can and want to achieve, while also preparing them for both the emotional and cognitive demands of competing. 

Click here to read more about our coaches. 

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Training Philosophy

Our coaches focus on technique and physical strength, giving young athletes the foundation they need to build speed and endurance over time--without getting hurt. While winning is great in the short-term, Minnetonka coaches believe it is better for swimmers to keep developing as they get older, and therefore take an athlete-centered, scientifically-based approach known as Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD).  Based on the work of Dr. Istvan Balyi, LTAD is a framework for athlete training, competition, and recovery created in relation to growth and development.

LTAD is about achieving optimal training, competition, and recovery throughout an athlete’s career—particularly in relation to the important growth and development years of young people. If a long-term approach to training is not adopted, there is likely to be a plateau in performance, when growth and development slows significantly. For some swimmers, this may result in their performances getting worse. At this point the short-term training approach cannot be reversed. This often leads to drop out before a swimmer has achieved close to their potential.

The LTAD approach allows Minnetonka Swim Club coaches to:

  • Establish a clear swimmer pathway for the development of skills across physical, technical, tactical, mental, and lifestyle categories.
  • Provide a planning tool, based on scientific research, for coaches to provide appropriately scheduled competition and progressive challenges through an athlete’s career.

  • Guide planning for optimal performance.

  • Produce better skilled and more athletic athletes, resulting in more athletes continuing in the sport to ages where they are able to reach maximum potential.

  • Create a sport experience that provides each young participant with the opportunity to achieve success to their highest capabilities, and to continue a life of active living.

  • Establish a culture and environment for the athletes of the Minnetonka Swim Club to fulfill our vision:

To see swimmers of all ages and abilities conduct themselves in a respectful manner, dedicated to something that is difficult, something that requires perseverance, and the daily determination to push to new limits, in swimming and in life.

The LTAD framework:

  • FUNdamental—basic movement literacy

  • Swim Skills—building technique

  • Training to TRAIN—building the engine

  • Training to COMPETE—optimizing the engine

  • Training to WIN—maximizing the engine

The first four stages have been adopted into the Minnetonka Swim Club’s development program and are the basis for how we structure our team.  (Stage 5—Training to WIN—is applicable to professional/collegiate swimmers who are highly specialized).

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The Minnetonka Swim Club holds new swimmer tryouts for ages 6 to 18 prior to each short and long course season. During the event, our coaches have an opportunity to observe swimmers in the water and determine the group in which they should begin. An evaluation during this tryout is not a guarantee of a spot on the team.

New Swimmer Tryout Night is also a great opportunity for new families to become familiar with our pool, ask questions and to get to know our coaching staff to find out if our club and competitive swimming is right for them.

All new athletes or currently inactive athletes are required to tryout. Tryouts will be held on Tuesday, March 3rd and Wednesday, March 4th.  If you are interested in participating, please CLICK HERE to reserve your spot. Please email Alisa Richardson if you have any questions.

If you feel your child may need more swimming instruction before joining the Minnetonka Swim Club, Minnetonka Aquatics offers a high-quality Learn-to-Swim program that can prepare young swimmers for competitive swimming. For more information, visit or call our Recreational Programs Coordinator of Aquatics, Aimee Sinkler at 952-401-5291. 

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