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Registration/Season Info



Welcome back to Panther Aquatic Club!


PAC training takes place primarily at Pomperaug High School. There is some off-site training at the Brookfield YMCA and Wesleyan University. Basic registration information and an explanation of practice squads follows. 


REGISTRATION:          All returning PAC swimmers must register via the PAC website, Once on the site, click on the Start Registration button in the leftmost column and proceed as directed to reserve your swimmer’s place.

USA/CT Swimming Fees in the amount of $75 must be paid online with a credit card. This payment is made once a year; in the fall if registering for fall/winter season, or, in the spring if registering for the first time at that time.

A $25 Team membership fee is required for all swimmers to help defray the cost of pool/training equipment and other expenses. This fee should be paid during swimmer registration on the team website.

If paying USA Swimming Fee and Membership Fee by check, payment is payable to PAC and must be mailed to PAC, c/o 1026 Kettletown Road, Southbury CT 06488, prior to the start of the season.

Our team is large and there may be limits of the size of each practice squad. Once those limits are reached, no additional registrations for that practice group will be accepted. Please register early to ensure your swimmer gets a spot on the team.

For fall/winter, register on the PAC website and make payment to the Town of Southbury between 8/1 and 8/29;

For spring/summer, register on the PAC website and make payment on the PAC website between 3/1 and 3/29.




  • The Senior Elite Squad is comprised of experienced swimmers with extensive competitive swim experience to fine tune stroke mechanics and increase their endurance, speed, and strength in the water. These swimmers are ready to commit to high intensity workouts with a minimum of 10 hours of practice per week; 2 hours per day, 5 days a week.  These practices will be enhanced with morning and/or weekend practice sessions.
  • Participation in meets and end of season championships is required.



  • The Senior Squad is comprised of pre-high school swimmers who want to continue to work on stroke mechanics and increase their endurance, speed, and strength in the water. This group will train at high intensity for 1-1½ hours five days a week. There may be optional weekend practice sessions available.
  • Senior Squad swimmers will be expected to attend as many practices as possible and to compete in meets during the season and championship meet(s) at the end of the season.



  • The Competition Squad is for swimmers who are working on proficiency in all strokes, but are not yet ready for the high demands of Senior or Senior Elite.  This squad will train 4 days a week for one hour, working on specifics stroke mechanics, starts, turns, and increasing endurance in the pool.
  • Competition Squad swimmers should attend as many practices as possible to benefit from instruction and conditioning and are encouraged to compete in meets.



  • The 8/Under Squad is designed for our younger athletes who love the sport of swimming and are anxious to continue to train in the spring.  This squad will train three times a week for 45 minutes. Continued emphasis on stroke development in all four strokes, streamline, starts and turns.
  • 8/Under Squad swimmers should attend as many practices as possible to benefit from instruction and conditioning and may compete in meets if they would like.



  • The Cub Squad is designed for 5 and 6 year olds who can swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke. They will train once a week for 45 minutes.
  • This squad will not compete.



Member families will be notified when meets are available for sign up. Parents should be prompt in committing their child to meets as they fill up very quickly and entries must be sent  early to hold space in the meet for our team. Meet details can be found under the MEETS/EVENTS tab on the team website. All meet entries require a meet entry or splash fee ($8-$11 per event entered) which will be charged each member account once the team entry is submitted to the host team. ALL FAMILIES ARE EXPECTED TO TIME AT MEETS DURING THE SEASON.


UNIFORM:       Swimmers must wear the team suit and cap at meets. You will have an opportunity to purchase our new team suit as well as any training equipment needed for your squad.


PRACTICE:      The practice calendar will be posted on the team website under the PRACTICE tab.  Any changes to this calendar will be emailed.   Check the team website for the full practice schedule including times and days.


WEBSITE: contains everything you will need to know about the team, meets we will attend, practice information, etc. 



            Once a swimmer’s registration is processed for the upcoming season, there will be no prorating of fees or refunds for failure to practice, unless a valid doctor’s note for a long term illness or injury is presented.  In this case, fees will be prorated by month for the remainder of the season. A $25 cancellation processing fee will be applied.



  • If membership fees are to be paid by check, fees must be paid in full.



  • All member families are encouraged to link a credit card to their account. We do not have access to this number once it is stored; we are only able to post charges to the card.
  • In order to participate in meets, a credit card must be on file. The credit card on file will be charged for meet fees on the day meet fees are posted to the account.


All outstanding fees must be paid before a swimmer may be re-registered for the upcoming season.