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Do you like to swim? Consider trying out for the Hickam Hurricanes!

The Hickam Hurricanes swim team is dedicated to providing an all-around competitive program for age group swimmers who wish to be an integral part of a swim team. New swimmers receive a free one-week trial period before being committed the team!

New Swimmer Information

Swim Team tryouts are open to children ages 8 to 18. Younger swimmers with prior swim team experience will be looked at by the Head Coach on a case by case basis. All swimmers trying out for the Hickam Hurricanes need to be able to swim at least 25 yards freestyle, 25 yards backstroke, 25 yards breaststroke, and 25 yards of Butterfly unassisted. The strokes need to be recognizable, but do not have to be technically perfect.  The Butterfly stroke is not required for the beginning swimmers, however they will be asked to attempt the butterfly stroke during the try out.  Swimmers must also be able to pay attention and take direction from the coaches. Swimmer ability to perform flip turns are a bonus, however the inability to conduct a flip turn would not prevent a swimmer from being invited to a 1 week trial. 

Upon completion of the tryout, the Head Coach will determine if the swimmer is ready for a trial week and into which group to place the swimmer. Final registration and placement on the team will be determined after the full week's trial period.  To maintain child safety and to ensure adequate coach/swimmer ratios, not all swim groups may be open to new swimmers. In these cases, parents can elect to have the swimmer join the waitlist until a spot opens up.

Please contact us to schedule a tryout or to receive more information. A representative from our team will contact you within 48 hours.

Visit our team store to view Required Equipment. All swimmers require goggles, fins, pull bouys and kickboards. Gold and Elite teams also need to purchase swim paddles and a swimmer's snorkel.

Transferring from another USA Swim Team on or off island? 

Transfer paperwork will need to be filled out by both teams.

USA Swim 120 day rule applies to all transferring swimmers