TeamFINS Apparel and Gear

If a swimmer will be attending USA Swim Meets - TeamFINS requires:

  • TeamFINS swim suit - order from Swim Shops.  We are a Speedo sponsored team.
  • TeamFINS meet cap
  • One package of TeamFINS t-shirts (one package has 3 t-shirts, blue, black and white)


To order team suits, parkas, warmups and gear :  

To order silicone caps or TeamFINS shirts: 

Please email to reach Dana Smith.  Your account will be billed on the next billing cycle.


           White shirts for Friday meets
           Blue shirts for Saturday meets
           Black shirts for Sunday meets


Here is a list of all necessary training equipment for each swim group. You can purchase from Swim Shops with a 10% discount (excluding sale items and team suit) if you state you are with TeamFINS:

Practice Group Training Equipment
Kick board, Fins, Mesh gear bag, Practice cap, Clear & mirrored goggles

Elementary Elite
High School Plus
Junior Fitness


Kick board, Fins, Mesh gear bag, Practice cap, Clear & mirrored goggles, Pull buoy, Flat hand paddles
Junior Elite

Kick board, Fins, Mesh gear bag, Practice cap, Clear & mirrored goggles, Pull buoy, Flat hand paddles, Snorkel.

SENIORS - Zoomers, optional ankle weights & nose plug

JUNIORS - Optional Zoomers & nose Plug

Tips for Parents

Swimmers need to wear team cap at practice. Swimmers who plan on wearing a cap at meets need to wear a cap in practice so that they aren't a distraction during the meet. Athletes need an extra pair of goggles available in the event their regulars break. Coaches do not have extra goggles available.

The Senior and Junior groups will also be using two tennis balls for stroke enhancement. We will be using them through the next couple of months and periodically after that. We will also be using small sport drink bottles half full of water for backstroke drills in September in the Junior program.

All fins should be flexible rubber, not the plastic scuba diving kind made specifically for divers. Fins should be snug but not tight and should not cause blisters when used. Fins with ankle straps do not work well and should not be used.

Paddles should not be any wider than 1 1/2" from the edge of the athlete's hand to the edge of the paddle on either side of the hand. Too much pressure on shoulders is not beneficial to growing athletes. Only swimmers who have been training for at least a year and older than 10 should wear paddles. Pull buoys are excellent for training body position in all athletes. Only Senior swimmers will use paddles larger than indicated here.

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