Pierce Pool


Due to lifeguard shortage, Pierce is unable to open the pool for us at this time. Hope to hear soon that we be able to return after Labor Day in Sept. 
After passing the tryout, parents must register and pay for their child online each month at [email protected] See instructions below.

During a tryout, coaches evaluate the swimmers' knowledge and skills to perform the four competitive strokes, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.  If they do not have the basic skills in these strokes, the parents will be referred to private stroke instruction.  The monthly fee is $160.

Covid Protocol: Swimmers and parents may not enter the pool area until 5:00pm.  

Monthly registration online at piercecollege.edu

-From main page, on red tool bar, click on COMMUNITY

-on left margin, under COMMUNITY EDUCATION, click on Pierce Extension

-on left margin, click on KIDS SUMMER PROGRAMS

-on left margin, click on SUMMER-FALL Swim Lessons

-the next page is title COURSES, click on Youth Competitive Swim Team

Swimmers must have their own equipment: kickboard, swim fins and pull bouy.