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If you are interested in registering for the Loggerhead Aquatics Swim Team, Please send an email inquiry to our coaching staff. 

We require all new members to participate in an evaluation in order to be placed in the appropriate training group prior to registration.

You can review our Registration Checklist below. 




Registration Checklist 
Step 1:
Contact our Coach Eric Jacob to schedule an evaluation/tryout (must complete prior to reg.)
►To schedule an evaluation for membership contact Coach Eric Jacob [email protected]  
Step 2:
Athlete's Evaluation
Placement is based on the required skills of each training group.
Required items to bring for evaluation: Fitted suit, goggles and towel.
►Bring Signed Liability Waiver
Step 3:
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Required Registration Fees:
1. Group Dues for First Month (see Membership Info for list of monthly group dues)
2. USA Swimming Registration: $85.00/swimmer
3. Annual Registration Fee: $250.00/Individual Swimmer in Silver or Above OR $320.00/Family (T-Shirt and Swim Cap is included with Annual Registration. The Family option will include a T-Shirt and Swim Cap for the first two swimmers, with an additional $20 for each additional child thereafter) 
Seasonal Registration Fee (O.D. only): $100/Individual Swimmer in Olympic Development OR $125.00/Family if all members are in OD (T-Shirt and Swim Cap is included with Seasonal Registration once annually)
4. Annual Pass-Holder Fee: $180.00/year per Child (this fee is broken down into $15/month added to group dues) **This fee only applies to NON-RESIDENTS. This fee gives non-resident swimmers access to the JCP facilites during practice. It does NOT allow them to use other areas of the facilities. Parents may watch practice, but may NOT use the facilities (unless JCP resident or JCP member).
If at any point during the year your swimmer changes practice groups you pay the difference in price for the remainder of the year. No Refunds!
Multi-Sibling Discounts: Available for families registering more than one swimmer. You pay 100% of your highest group swimmer; second swimmer receives a 10% discount. Third swimmer receives a 15% discount. Any additional swimmers will be $50.00 per month regardless of their training group. Since the registration system does not apply the discount at the time of check-out, we will apply the discount as a credit to your account after your swimmer's registration has been approved.
Step 4:
Preparation for your Athlete's First Practice
►You will receive an email stating that your account has been approved, and when your athlete is scheduled to participate in their first practice. You will also receive a Welcome Packet detailing team policy's and other important information.
►We encourage you to check out our Team Store for a list of required equipment for the training group your athlete has been placed into.
►Please review the Code of Conduct with your athlete prior to your athlete's first practice that is located in your Welcome Packet. 
Step 5:
Your Athlete's first practice!
Introduce your athlete and yourself to the Coach before or after practice and inquire about when you can expect to receive your team gear (including One Loggerhead Team Tee, and One Swim Cap per Athlete, included with registration)
►Turn in signed Code of Conduct



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