Welcome to Millard North Mustangs Swimming and Diving

If you are seeing sore and dragging swimmers and divers it is a sure sign that the season has started! For those of you new to the team Welcome! Please be sure set up your login to the team website. The events are only visible when you sign in. IF you do not have an account click START REGISTRATION in the upper left corner of the website.


Ask your Coach if you have any problems with it. If you are feeling a little lost - there is lots of information here to help orient you.


For new and returning athletes and families, the Swim/Dive website has all the meets and the social events with times, locations and details under  "Team Events" on the right side of the page. Under the "Parents" tab across the top is a Guidebook to the Season which will help explain how things work and some of the different volunteer activities during the season. Remember you can only see these when you are logged in.


Please don't hesitate to ask the captains, Coaches or veteran parents if you have any questions at all!


When Millard North does not have school we still have practices – EXCEPT during the 5 day moratorium.


If there is inclement weather usually we are given a small window that we can practice in the afternoon.