About us

The Bangor Trident Swim Team (BTST) is a private and non-profit competitive swim team open to military (both active and retired) and DOD families or anyone with base access. 

We are an affordable alternative to local club teams and we understand the needs the DoD & military families.

Each of our staff members have CPR training (certified by the Red Cross) and are certified to coach by Pacific Northwest Swimming (PNS). Our team is affiliated with the USA Swimming Organization at the national level and with Pacific Northwest Swimming at the local level. What does this mean? BTST, along with other teams operating in the Pacific Northwest compete under the guidance and rules provided by USA Swimming/PNS. USA Swimming also provides the mandatory insurance for all participants. Therefore, each BTST team member must join USA Swimming/PNS to become a member of BTST.

The Bangor Trident Swim Team offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels.


Please email to join the team by clicking above on HOME/OUR COACHES. Or, Click Here to send us an email request for more information.