The FAST Pre-Competitive program consists of high-quality instructional classes that develop competitive swimming skills.  Instruction focuses on the fundamentals of the sport, including all four strokes (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle), starts, and turns.  Students improve their technique, strength, and endurance in preparation for joining the FAST Swim Team.  Swimmers have the opportunity to compete in practice swim meets.


  • Successful completion of Level 7 in the FAST Swim School, which includes the following skills:
    • Legal Breaststroke (or "frog") kick (do not need to be able to do arms)
    • Legal Butterfly (or "dolphin") kick (do not need to be able to do arms)
    • 50 yards of Freestyle with side breathing
    • 25 yards of Backstroke
    • Forward somersault in the water
  • Recommendation by a FAST Swim School Instructor or Site Supervisor
  • Swimmers from non-FAST programs must meet the above expectations and be approved by a FAST Pre-Comp Coach.