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Meet Schedule

                       2019-20 Fall and Winter Meet Schedule            


*28-29 SLO 11& over (Team Meet)

*29 Western Zones Open Water Championships San Diego (Qualifiers)



*4-5 Santa Maria Columbus Day Meet (Team Meet)

*19 Senior Spring Meet: Castaic (Qualifiers)

*25-27 12th Annual Cancer Awareness Meet: PUMA @ Cuesta (Team Meet)



*1 Santa Maria Triple Distance (Plat-Sr swimmers with coach approval)

* 15-17 Hollister Sr. Meet (Jr/Sr with coach approval)

*22-24 SLO Gobbler Meet (Team Meet)



*4-7 SR Nationals Atlanta, GA (qualifiers)

*6-8 Lompoc "Toys for Tots" Team Meet (Last chance to qualify for Winter Age Group Champs)

*11-14 Junior Nationals Federal Way, WA (qualifiers)

*13-15 Winter Age Group Champs: Palm Springs (age group qualifiers)



*January 25-26 Polar Bear Meet Puma @ Cuesta College (Team Meet)



*14-17 CCS JO's Clovis (age group qualifiers)



Swim Meet Important Information:
  • Please note that all Puma swimmers must be current 2019-20 USA Swimming Members to participate in practice and swim meets.  All registrations will now be done electronically however this can only be done if all information for your swimmer is entered into your account correctly. We need full legal name (middle name included) and the correct DOB. You will be invoiced for your registration dues. New swimmers need to bring a copy of a birth certificate for your Site Leader to verify the swimmers DOB.
  • For all meets, you will enter online by logging into your account and signing your swimmer up for events. Don't forget to hit "Save" when you finish your selections.
  • For any meets that PUMA hosts, all parents will be expected to help sign up and volunteer for the meet to make sure that we continue to run excellent swim meets for our kids.
  • Parents will also need to sign up for timing slots at meets that we don't host as the meet host will assign our team specific timing slots based on the number of swimmers that Puma has in the meet.
  • Meets will be invoiced and you will be responsible to pay for meet entries after the entries have been submitted.  Included in your invoice will be a $10 coaching fee per day for local meets and $15-20 per day for travel meets.
  • If you have any past due balances on your account you will not be permitted to swim in a meet until your account is up to date.
  • Swimmers that participate in meets need to have a team suit.  Please go to the "Gear" page to learn more about how to order your team suit.

Swim Meet Fees

  • After you enter a meet, you will be invoiced for meet entry fees as specified on the meet sheet. Puma pays one check to cover the entire team and your meet fees will be included on your invoice to be paid the first of each month.
  • Typically there is a per swimmer "Surcharge" Entry Fee (can vary between $7.50 & $10.50, meet dependent) plus an per "Individual Event" Entry Fee (can vary between $3.25 & $5.50, meet dependent).  For local meets, Puma adds up to $10.00 Coaching Fee per day to the above Entry Fees, as our monthly dues do not cover the expense of sending coaches to a swim meet.  For travel meets the Coaching Fee is $15-$20 per day in attendance.
  • For Championship Meets the Coaching Fee is typically $25 per day in attendance of the meet or as specified on the Meet Itinerary for designated Senior Travel Meets.
  • Once Puma submits meet entries, we are not able to get any refunds for events entered if you are not able to swim. This is a USA Swimming rule.  You may be eligible however to receive a refund on any Puma Coaching Fees associated with that meet.