Policies & Notes

REFUND POLICY: Because Michael Phelps Swim School-NY (MPSS-NY) sells a limited number of class slots, all sales are final.  Furthermore, MPSS-NY is not obligated to provide "make up classes", credits, or refunds for classes that are canceled due to reasons outside of their control (i.e. unexpected school or pool closures), or for any classes that a student can not attend due to personal conflicts, medical emergencies, illnesses, etc. Additionally, MPSS-NY is unable to refund or credit for any coupons or promotions presented or discovered after the time of your registration, or those not used or applied at the time of registration.  Lastly, Gold Medal Memberships are not transferable or refundable, nor have any cash value.   

CLASS MAKE UP POLICY:  MPSS-NY is unable to accommodate "make up classes" for personal conflicts, illnesses, medical emergencies, etc.  Considering this policy, please make every effort to plan accordingly.   



We use email to notify you of any schedule changes and other important information (upcoming session registration notices, coupon codes, promotions, etc).  Please be sure that our emails are going to your Inbox and not your Spam/Junkbox.  And, please read our emails so that you do not miss out on any important announcements. 
Our staff is very excited to help your children become more comfortable, confident and water safe! To aid in that effort, swim goggles are encouraged at all levels (Pre-Beginner and up). We have excellent children's swim goggles available for just $10 (pink or blue)!
Unless participating in a class, parents are not permitted on the pool deck.  Parents will have the opportunity to observe classes from the observation lobby.
For first timers, it is not uncommon for children to be a bit nervous the first week or two. For many children this is their first formal swim class. Our instructors are excellent however and are prepared for this. It just takes them a little time to make a connection with the student and help them feel more comfortable. Typically by week two or three, this is no longer an issue. This can be tough to watch at times, but we appreciate your patience and support.
For returning students, please prepare your child for the likelihood that their instructor this session will be different from their instructor the previous session. This sometimes comes as a surprise to children, so please have them ready for that.
Parents are asked to not to "coach" their child during lessons, and avoid excessive interaction with them. It is very important that our students learn to focus during their classes and look to their instructor for guidance.
It is not unusual for children to change groups within the first couple weeks of the session. Our staff will evaluate the group placement of each child to assure that they are in appropriate class where they can be most productive.
If you registered your child in the wrong group level, please note that it may be very challenging to place them in the correct level on the same day and/or time slot as they are currently registered in because space may not be available. This is especially true if they need to be placed in a lower level group because many of those classes are already full.


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