Swim Team & Lessons

Due to COVID-19 concerns we are limited to 10 swimmers in the pool at a time.

All registration forms and requirements can be found on this page.  You can sign up and make payments through the UMD Rec Sports webpage bellow:

Practice times can be found under the "Calendars" tab. 

Swimmers are required to follow the following rules:

·        Space is limited to 10 people in the pool at a time.  6 feet of space between patrons must be maintained.

·      Masks are required when not in the water.

·      Sign up and pay through the Rec Sports online registration page

·      Pool locker rooms are not available for changing or showering.   Put on your swim gear at home before coming to the pool.

     Spectators are not allowed.  The observation area is closed and only swimmers are allowed in the building.

·      Enter via the South hallway doors near the shallow end of the pool.

·      Proceed down the right side of the pool and show your pass to the guard on duty.

·      Place your belongings in one of the 10 designated spots on the pool deck in the deep end.  Locker rooms should only be used to go to the bathroom.

·      Follow the coaches instructions to the shallow end of the pool.  Maintain 6 feet of spacing between swimmers at all times.

·      After practice put on your facemask, gather your things, and exit via the East door across from the tennis courts.  Follow this exit procedure until October 15 when we will use the West hallway.  The East exit is to be used to minimize cross traffic in the hallway near the pool office.



September 8 - March 14


All swimmers who have not participated in a swim meet for a competitive team either as part of NSSC, a high school team, the YMCA, or another member club of U.S.A. Swimming, must go through an evaluation.  This evaluation will take place during a two day free trial.  After the free practices swimmers will be asked to either take Level 4 or 5 lessons through UMD or will be granted permission to practice with the team.

Two Day Free Trail: We use the "two day free trial" to assess swimmers ability and make recommendations about where the swimmer should be placed.  Come to the beginning of any week day practice.

General information about practice structure and general expectations can be found at this link;

/mnnssc/UserFiles/File/NSSC%20Age%20Group%206-12%20General%20Progression-6.docx (Ages 6-12)

/mnnssc/UserFiles/File/NSSC%2013-17%2B%20General%20Progression-9.docx (Ages 13-18+)

Fees for Swim Club Members

We will have a monthly fee of $80 per swimmer.  You can sign up and pay through the UMD RSOP registration page

There will be no punch passes.

Minnesota Swimming/USA Swimming Registration 2020: This registration is required for us to be considered a USA Swimming Club.  It must be filled out by everyone regardless if you plan to participate in meets or not.  The fee is $70 for each swimmer.  The registration is valid until Dec. 31, 2020. 

Registration Packet

Choose one type of membership:

2021 USA Swim Premium Membership $72 (elligable for all meets at all levels)

2021 USA Swim Flex Membership $20 (elligable for 2 lower level meets)

All Families must read the MAAP and sign the "Acknowledgement"

USA Swim Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP)

Writen Acknowldgement of Policy

NSSCliability.pdf (UMD RSOP Liability)

NSSCmedical.pdf (UMD RSOP Medical)