Swim Groups

Practice groups are based on both age (as of December 1, 2019) and ability.

Swimmers must practice in the appropriate group. Practices are designed according to a swimmer's age group. And while the coaches understand that occasionally exceptions must be made to accommodate busy family schedules, we ask that parents confer with coaches regarding any scheduling conflicts. 

Please note that except for Pre-National & National Groups we do not have required practices. What we list below are what we recommend for each group. Swimmers should speak with their coaches about what they should be doing for attendance based on their goals for the season.

This is our Pre-team group for swimmers with little to no
competitive experience. Swimmers should be able to swim 15 yards without stopping on belly and back and swim with their face in the water.

Must be able to swim 50 freestyle and 25 backstroke.

Minimum age 9. Must be able to swim 100 Free and 100 Backstroke, be able to perform a racing start off the block and a flip turn.

Pilot Whale:
Minimum age 12. Must be able to swim a 100 Free sub 1:20, have and a legal 200 IM and at least 1 BB time. These times are available on our team website.

Killer Whale:
Must be in High School.