Payment Info.

Scarlet Aquatics

Team Fees

Payment Schedule:

 August 1st
 All Groups
 1st Payment
 October 1st
 All Groups
 $0 Late fee 10/7th
 2nd Payment
 November 1st
 All Groups
 $0 Late fee 11/7th
 3rd Payment
 December 1st
 All Groups
 $0 late fee 12/7th
 4th Payment
 February 1st
 Age Group, Junior,  Senior,  National
 $0 late fee 2/7th
 5th Payment
 March 1st  Junior, Senior,  National  $0 late fee 3/7th
 6th Payment  April 1st  Junior, Senior,  National  $0 late fee 4/7th



Please understand that we do not want to assess any account the $25 fee for carrying a balance  forward after the 20th of each month.  We do not want the money; we want this to be a preventive to not paying the monthly bill on time.  However, we will take the necessary steps to hold each family accountable for the fees determined for the program. 

If, for financial reasons, you are not going to be able to adhere to this program’s financial requirements please let us know as soon as possible.  We will do everything we can to help you keep your children in this program provided it is fair to all team members and families.  However we cannot help you do this if you do not bring it to my attention directly and immediately.  Simply not paying your bill cannot be the way this information gets back to us.  Meet entry fees, however, ALWAYS need to be paid on time.