Sponsors & Organizations


Majority of the fundraising activities offered by the club will have 100% of your profit going to swimmers account. Individual fundraisers help you offset your own swim fees.  Families earn fundraising dollars participating in the fundraising activities. Fundraising dollars will be credited to your swimmers account. Families can earn 100% of their swim fees by participating in Individual Fundraiser.

Cash Payments: If you receive cash from any of your fundraising orders please write a cheque, payable to CBAC, for all cash that you collected. This makes the process of collecting orders much faster for you and the CBAC Fundraising Volunteers

Check the drop down menu to find out more details on each Fundraising opportunity.

Team Fundraising - FUNraise Account

During the year the club may hold a Team Fundraiser with the money earned going back to the clubs  FUNraise account. The FUNraise Account earnings will go back to the swimmers in the form of subsidizing coach travel off island; pizza and/or pool party; and/or cool swag for swimmers at the end-of-year banquet! And eventually as our fundraising efforts grow we can offset any increases in pool rental and equipment cost. 

We are always looking for new ideas and volunteers to help out with collecting or delivery of orders all happening at the Bell Aliant Centre pool while we drop off and pick up our swimmers. If you would be able to help out the Fundraising Committee please drop an email.


Why Fundraise

  • Fundraising events and activities are principally about raising much needed funds 
  • Keeps the club more accessible to more families and will help offset meet fees so more kids can attend
  • Fundraising is also about having fun. People go to events to enjoy themselves and this itself will generate new support and public goodwill.

Volunteers always welcome – Many hands make light work!