Welcome to the Parent's Page! This page is intended to provide some useful tips in helping your child (and you) get the most out of their time as a Dolphin.

Much of what you need to know when you sign up your child (and yourself) for the swim team can be found in our Parent Handbook. Other information can be obtained by speaking with the coaches or seeking out veteran parents.

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions. Can't find your question here? Please suggest items to be included by emailing our webmaster.

Swimmer Nutrition
Your swimmer will likely require more fuel during the season than ever before. It's important to make sure that your swimmer has the energy to perform at practice and meets. While few of us have the time to read every label and make all of our meals from scratch we all could probably pay a little more attention to what we are putting in to our athlete's bodies.
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Swim Practices
It is important that your swimmer attends the practices they are scheduled for. Swimmers improve by spending quality time in the water. Each practice is designed to help your swimmer prepare for competition. We work on a variety of skills, providing feedback, to ensure that your swimmer reaches their potential.

Swimmers who are late to practice, show up to the wrong group or are not ready (physically or mentally) disrupt the flow of practice and can be detrimental to the swimmer and others. We understand that especially due to travel issues some swimmers will not be able to arrive on time for every practice. Please communicate with the coaches if your swimmer will be late on certain days or not be able to attend certain practices due to conflicts in scheduling. That being said, please do not bring a sick swimmer to practice. Sickness can spread through a team for weeks. A sick swimmer is better off resting and recuperating and returning when they are healthy. this will help ALL swimmers in the long run!

Swim Meets
As you look at our meet schedule you will see that there is an abundance of opportunities for your swimmer to compete in. Swimmers are encouraged to participate in as many meets as they are excited to compete in. Swim meets are the best way to judge a swimmer's improvement throughout the season, plus Swim Meets are fun! Some meet have criteria that a swimmer must meet in order to participate (age limit, time qualification).
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