Team Awards

Riptide swimmers have several opportunities, during the season, to earn awards based on participation and improvement. 


Dual Meet Ribbons:  Each participant in a dual swim meet is awarded a 1-8 place ribbon based on how they place in their heat.  If a swimmer has a rules infraction, they will be disqualified, by the stroke and turn official, for that race and will not receive a ribbon. Relays are awarded ribbons for 1-3 place. Dual Meet Ribbons are generally available at practice the Monday following a dual swim meet.


Best Times Ribbons: A swimmer has a base (beginning) time after they swim an event for the first time. In each successive meet, the swimmer has an opportunity to improve on the time. Each time a swimmer improves on his/her best time they are awarded a best time ribbon. Best Time Ribbons are generally available at practice the Wednesday following a dual swim meet. 


Participation Certificate:  Each member of Riptide Swim Team will receive a participation certificate at the end of the season Awards Ceremony.  It will list their best season times for the various events.


Bronze, Silver, Gold Medals: We offer a special program tied into a swimmer's performance over the entire season.  This is based on a minimum participation of 3 swim meets during the season.

·  A bronze medal will be awarded to a swimmer that has up to 8 best times. 

·  A silver medal will be awarded to a swimmer who has 9 or more best times and/or qualifies for the All Star meet. (All Star qualifying times are listed on the web site). 


·  A gold medal is awarded to a swimmer who finishes in the Top 16 at the Championship meet, and thus contributes to total team score.

Top Tens, Team Records and Pool Records:  The Novato Riptide Swim Team has been keeping records since 1986.  Go to the Team Records section on the web site to see the current Top Ten. If a swimmer records a time that is faster than one of the current Top Ten times, he/she will be recognized at the end of season Awards Ceremony with a special ribbon. These records may be updated on the site after the All Star meet and after the Championship meet. Pool records are listed at the IVC pool and in swim meet programs.