1. What time will my child workout?
Please refer to Practices for your child's particular time. For Daily Updates check the Announcements.   All
our practices will be at the Indian Valley College Pool (IVC). Swimmers should come prepared to swim on that day at the assigned time.

2. Does my child have to go to practice everyday?
Practice is offered 5 times per week.  The more a child swims, the more they improve and the stronger they get. If they miss a lot of practices, they are also missing a lot of valuable information that is imparted over time by the coaches, i.e. stroke improvement, technique, meet information, etc. Obviously, if they get sick, or have to go out of town they will miss practice. Your child may like the camaraderie so much they will want to swim every day!

3.  Do I need to purchase a parking pass?
Parking at IVC is $4.00/day M-S (Sundays free). Tickets should be purchased from the machines located at the entrance of each lot.  Lot # 8 is FREE after 3:00 pm.  OR...The college is now offering a Parking Pass.  $20/mo, $55/three months, $95/six months, or $185/year..  Download application here, fill it out and submit with payment to Coach Jean on Monday or Wednesdays.   Please do not cross the bridges!! These are for foot traffic, handicapped parking, and emergency vehicles only.

4. What if my child has a birthday during the season?
Your child must swim in the next age group in the meet following their birthday. Should your child's birthday occur one week prior to the Championships Swim Meet, they may swim the Championships in the age group they swam in all summer.

5. Where are the meets, When are they, and How long do they last?
Our first meet is April 29th and is called Time Trials. It is a practice meet and involves just our team. It is a chance for our swimmers and parents to learn how a meet runs. League meets take place on Saturday mornings beginning May 6th and run through the Championship meet on July 15th.  Home meets will be at IVC and will start at 8:30, however Riptide swimmers should be on deck ready for warm-ups at 7:15. All away meets are in Marin County and most require less than a half-hour drive (Click here for directions). Away meets vary, but most start by 8:30am. Riptide swimmers should be on deck ready for warm-ups at 7:45. Meets are usually over between 12 noon and 1:30pm. Swimmers must participate in three dual meets to be eligible for the Championship meet. 

6. What events will my child swim for meets?
A CHILD NEEDS TO USE PROPER STROKE TECHNIQUE BEFORE SWIMMING AN EVENT AT A MEET. Swimmers can swim in up to 3 individual events and 2 relays per meet. This will vary per swimmer and per meet. Also, in anticipation of a large number of 8 & under swimmers, your child may be limited to swimming only 1 or 2 events at away meets. If we swim against a large team at a home meet we may need to limit the number of events your child swims as well. Most of the pools we swim at are community pools and people have paid membership fees to use the facilities. Swim teams are required to be out by a certain time so that the pool can open to its members. A few of the pools we swim at have only 5 lanes which can put a lot of stress on everyone to move the meet along. There are some pools that cut off the meet even if it is not over! It is important that the adults help swimmers understand that this could happen.

7. How are the meets scored?
A team cannot win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The opposing team automatically takes third place in case of a sweep.
Place                            1st    2nd     3rd
Mixed Relays                  7        3       1
Events                           5        3       1
Free Relays                    7        3       1

8. What is the refund policy if my child does not wish to continue swimming?

Refunds are available, within 2 weeks of your sign up date and a $15.00 processing fee will be charged for any refunds.  Please contact Riptide Membership