Swim School

LVST Swim School | Register on February 7th


2022 Swim School Sessions Dates

Session I: March 7 - March 31 (FULL-check back mid-March for updates on Session II registration)

Session II: April 11 - May 5

Session III: May 9 - June 2


Swim School 101

Welcome to the beginning of your child’s swimming career!  LVST swim school is available to those swimmers who are not quite ready to join the Swim Team, but who do have basic water safety skills.  Swim School is step one in a three step process toward our combined goal of increasing your child’s swimming ability.   


The goal of our Swim School is to improve the swimmer’s ability to the point they are able to swim the length of the pool (25 yards) with side breathing.  Once they have achieved this very important skill, they are then ready for Step Two, which is their initial introduction to the team! This is a huge accomplishment and should be celebrated! Swimmers are allowed to move to the team once they are deemed ready by the coaches.

Practice for Swim School meets twice a week for 30 minutes.  Instructors are in the water with the class. We ask that all swimmers in the Swim School program have a general comfort with having their face in the water and can handle being in the pool on their own. Your child will be placed in a group of up to 4 swimmers, and classes meet either on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday with no exceptions. Requests will try to be accommodated as best as possible regarding days and times.  Requests may not be accommodated regarding swimming with friends.  Classes are made based on ability, as water safety is our main priority. Classes will be capped with a maximum number of swimmers per session (Mon/Wed and Tues/Thur).


Once your child is ready for the team, they will be placed in the first level of 8 & Under, better known as Flashes! This level of team is meant to be an introduction where your swimmer will continue to improve their swimming skills in the water with like level swimmers. The focus of this group is stroke technique, and swimmers are invited to come to practice up to 5 days a week. Coaches have moved out of the water to offer guidance and to better oversee this small group. This level is also eligible to participate in team meets.


Once your swimmer has mastered at least 3 strokes and has built up their endurance with coach approval, they are now ready to move up to the second level of 8 & Under, better known as the Fires.  Practice time is focused more on endurance. Stroke refinement is constantly worked on, so swimmers can always improve!

Before you know it, your swimmer will have mastered many aspects of the 8 & Under team, and will then be at the third level of the group, or better known as the Bolts, where they will stay until they graduate from this level once they turn nine.

Please contact [email protected] to sign up and ask questions.