NOVA: A Swim Club for All 

            You may think you already know all about everything that NOVA offers, but we bet there are a few things you don't know! Currently, NOVA offers programs to meet the needs of ALL kinds of swimmers - from the three-year-old taking swim lessons to the sixty-something (or older!) who belongs to the NOVAFit program. Read on to learn more...

            NOVA has programs focused on all ages of swimmers as well as all skill levels. Our largest program is our Lessons Program. In a single year, NOVA teaches over 6,000 lessons. Our specially-trained instructors are teaching children the basics of swimming and water safety, along with instilling a love for the water and the sport. The lessons program has grown tremendously over the last few years. Whether a child takes one session of lessons or starts with the pre-beginner class and ends up joining the competitive swim team, we are focused on helping a generation of kids learn a critical life skill - how to swim.

            The competitive youth swim team may be how you first heard of NOVA. In recent years, we have had over 800 kids registered for the competitive team. You may not know that NOVA has been ranked as one of the top youth swimming programs in the country for the last few years by USA Swimming. We are one of the largest clubs that swims out of one facility. We offer fourteen different levels of swim group; compared to other nationally-recognized swim programs, it may seem like NOVA has a lot of levels, but our philosophy is that we want to be able to provide the right fit for each child by placing him or her in a group with others of similar age and talent. Our coaching staff is among the most dedicated and decorated in the country. In fact, Head Coach Geoff Brown was just recognized as the 2012 Developmental Coach of the Year by USA Swimming.

            Maybe your child likes to swim, but also plays other sports. Or, maybe he or she wants to prepare for summer league swimming or their high school team. Maybe you want a fitness-focused option for your middle or high school-aged child. Our variety of clinics can meet your need. We offer Sunday afternoon clinics for summer league teams starting in early March; this is a great way to get in top racing form before summer even starts. Or, check out our High School Prep program. This option is for swimmers 13 and older who would like a lighter schedule (two times a week) and are swimming for fitness or to prepare for summer or high school swimming.

            NOVA can also meet the needs of adult swimmers. For those age 19 and older who still want to swim competitively, NOVA offers a Masters Swimming program. Coach Mark Kutz recently was recognized by US Masters Swimming for building a strong local program. Current Masters swimmers meet Monday-Friday from 5:45 to 7:30 a.m. This tight-knit group welcomes new members of any ability year round.

            Or, maybe you're an adult who likes to swim, but you don't want to race. Ever heard of NOVAFit? For a reasonable yearly fee, you can swim as much as you want during designated hours. It's way cheaper than joining the health club and also less crowded! NOVAFit is open to all ages. Another option might be water polo...the Richmond Water Polo club ( practices at NOVA. 

            NOVA prides itself on being a club for ALL swimmers, and we work hard to make sure we serve each of our swimmers as efficiently and effectively as possible. We have been recognized by USA Swimming for achieving levels of success not only with our talented pool of swimmers, but also with our club's organization and focus on best practices. As we continue to grow, our offerings may change, but rest assured, we will continue to make waves in the world of swimming.

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