Adult Lap Swim


Adult Lap Swim at the Janet Evans Swim Complex reopens Monday, April 5. 

Please review the details below so you know what to expect.

Adjustments may be necessary as things evolve.  Access may increase or decrease.  We ask for your patience and flexibility as we navigate the reopening to keep everyone safe.

  • Days & Times: Monday through Friday, 12:00-12:45 PM & 1:00-1:45 PM.
  • Entry & Exit: Through the large gate on the far west side of the parking lot only in order to avoid interference with the COVID testing pod in located in front of the facility.  Look for the white & blue FAST banner.
  • Waiting: The entryway is an active work area.  Lap swimmers may line up no sooner than 10 minutes prior to the start of their time slot.  Masks must be worn.  Avoid crowding.
  • Reservations: Required.  No walk-ins.  Create an iClassPro account and book time slots online here.  You will be registering as a "student".  The system opens sign-ups every Saturday (12:00 AM, midnight) for all days of the subsequent week.  Sign-up remains open until capacity is reached.
  • Payment: $4.00 per person through the reservation system only.  No in-person payments.  No long-term passes are available.  “No Shows” cannot be refunded.
  • Capacity & Distancing: 34 swimmers per time slot; Maximum of 2 swimmers per lane, starting from opposite/alternate ends of the lane.
  • Masks: Masks are required to enter the facility and while waiting to enter.  They must be worn until entering the water and upon exiting the water.
  • Adults Only: Minors (under age 18) attempting to enter for any reason will be turned away.  No negotiations.  No exceptions.
  • Swimmers Only: Only individuals who intend to swim may enter the pool deck.  Please do not bring companions to the facility.
  • Locker Rooms: The main locker rooms remain closed.  Swimmers must come and go in their swimming attire.  No exceptions.
  • Restrooms: Single-user restrooms are open for bathroom use only – 1 for women and 1 for men.  No changing or showering is permitted in the restrooms.
  • Equipment: Equipment (i.e., kickboards, paddles, buoys) is not available.  Swimmers may bring their own equipment.  Sharing is not permitted.
  • Lost & Found: There will be no Lost & Found at the facility.  Items left behind will be discarded.
  • Pool Setup: Until further notice, the pool will be configured one of two ways.  See below.

Noncompliance with written rules and/or directives from staff will result in dismissal from the facility without refund.