How do I contact ORCA by phone?


How do I contact my coach or one of the board members?

Click on the COACHES icon at the very top of the page and there are links next to each name to email coaches or board members.

How do I contact the ORCA Administrator, Maggie Birinyi?

Our ORCA Administrator, Maggie Birinyi, handles year-round swim team registrations and questions. You can email her directly at or most of the time you will find her on-deck at swim practices.

How do I join the swim team?

We have swim team try-outs every Friday at 4:45 pm at Orange H.S. for 12 and younger swimmers and at 5:45 pm at El Modena H.S. for 13 and older swimmers. Just drop by the correct location for your age at the proper noted time on Friday and speak to a coach.  Be ready to swim an entire hour if 10 and under or an hour and a half if 11 or older.  We like the swimmers who appear ready for the team to go through an entire practice immediately following the short try-out.  Please arrive ready to swim.  If you have a cap (girls) and goggles, please bring them.  Otherwise we should have some you can borrow. Once you have passed the try-out and are ready to join, you register right on this website through the Swim Team Registration button on the main page. Our administrator will give you the USA Swimming registration form which you will need to complete and return with a check payable to SCS for the USA Swimming annual registration fee.

Additional information on joining can be found on the Swim Team tab.

How often should I attend practice?

Athletes should TRY to attend every practice.  However, to remain on the swim team, if you are in Bronze 1, 2 or 3, Silver 1 or 2 or Gold 1 or 2, you are required to attend at least three practices per week and one swim meet per month.  If you are in Silver 3 or Gold 3, you are required to attend at least four practices a week and every meet your are qualified to swim at; typically one per month except during championship meet months where you may have two meets.  There are no commitment requirements for the summer recreational or water polo teams.

How do I register for swim lessons?

Click on our Lessons and Rec Team Registration tab and follow the outlined directions.  Registration is all on-line, and you can register by credit card or check.  However, if you register by check, you will be waitlisted until your check has been received and processed. Your space is not reserved when paying by check and being on the waitlist.

Is the pool heated?

The pools we use in the Orange Unified School District are all outdoor facilities.  The pools are kept at a constant temperature of 80 degrees year-round, regardless of the season.

Do we practice or have swim lessons if it is raining?

YES!  Unless there is lightening, we will be practicing and holding swim lessons when it rains.

What do I need to know about attending a swim meet?

Mouse over the FAQ's tab above and click on Swim Meets 101. Swim Meets 101 is a detailed explanation about practically everything you need to know about attending swim meets.  If you still have questions, ask your coach.

How do I know what swim meets to attend?

Go to the Events tab to see upcoming swim meets. Go to the Meet Info tab under Events to see what events the swimmer qualifies for.