Swim Team

Welcome to the ORCA Swim Team!

Notice; COVID 19 Changes

For the remainder of the pandemic, ORCA is practicing at Orange HS Pool in Orange, CA.  Please email [email protected] for a tryout or for information and pricing.  Our billing and schedules have changed but we are conducting practices and will continue to do so until otherwise advised.



The ORCA competitive swim team offers a year-round professional, and comprehensive swimming environment to help swimmers learn proper technique, experience competition, and be part of a fun team environment. The ORCA team is comprised of swimmers from Orange, Villa Park and the surrounding North Orange County communities.

Competitive and Pre- team tryouts are held weekly.  Please email [email protected] to arrange a tryout with a coach at either our Orange sites or at Fullerton College.

If you are interested in our summer City of Orange non-competitive recreational swim team, please go to Swim Lessons & Rec Teams Registration page.

How to Join the Competitive Swim Club

If you are interested in joining the ORCA year-round competitive swim team, simply arrange a tryout by email.

Based on try-outs, swimmers will be assigned to a practice group to try that day or will be recommended for additional swimming lessons. For more information regarding initial placement and advancement throughout the team, please refer to our Group Outlines noted under the Swim Team tab above.


Directions to Pools.

ORCA is a year-round swim program; therefore, you may start at any time throughout the year. On the day of the swim tryout a Team Administrator or Coach will be available to talk to you about the team. If your child passes the tryout and you are interested in joining, we will have you Register on the ORCA website,,  which will need to be completed by your next practice. You will need to complete your full registration with our team electronically via the website.


Scheduling a tryout with ORCA has a few important steps – please read them and contact Coach Jerry at [email protected] with any additional questions.

  • Your first step is to have a formal evaluation of your athlete to help determine the appropriate placement on the team. Please email to schedule an evaluation
  • Swimmers should be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke and have a working knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly
  • Bring swimsuit, towel, goggles and swim cap (optional)
  • Evaluation will be around 15 minutes depending on what the swimmer knows
  • Evaluations are available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 7:00PM at Orange High School or Saturday at 8:30AM at Orange HS.
  • After a meeting with the swimmer, family, and coaches, swimmers are placed into the group most appropriate for their current level of skill and fitness, the desired level of commitment and fee options. 
  • After the tryout parents will register their new ORCA swimmer on the ORCA website,
Equipment Needed

While swimming is one of those core sports where gear appears minimal (at least in competition), having the appropriate training gear is very important in the development of the athletes at Lakewood Aquatics.

Making sure your athlete's gear is in working order, and replacing it quickly if it is not, is important to ensure consistent progress, ability to accomplish all tasks at practice, and to maximize the flow and ease of the workout being offered.

 Please see our Team Gear link  to find out exactly what gear your child will need, and where to purchase it. 

Program Fees

All monthly or seasonal swim payments are charged automatically to your checking account or credit card on the first day of the month or season. The Southern California Swimming (SCS)/USA Swimming registration fee of $72.00 must be paid also for insurance and competition purposes.

Please Note: SCS registration fees are non-refundable. ORCA swim fees are non-refundable after three days of practice.

Below are the monthly training fees for ORCA thru August 31st, 2021.

Option A- 4 or more practices per week    $200.00 per month# 

Option B- 3 or less practices per week       $160.00 per month& 

Option C- “Pay as you Go” program           $15.00 per practice@ 


# A training schedule for our serious swimmers competing consistently at USA Swim Meets and have made swimming a priority.  There is no weekly sign up. 

& A training schedule for those swimmers who want to compete and are just getting into the sport seriously.  Also, those swimmers who like to swim but are juggling other activities at the same time.  There is no weekly sign up. 

@ “Pay as You Go” will be used by swimmers who are swimming 1 or 2 times per week (this now includes weekdays).  We will still be signing these swimmers up on each Monday for the week. Please understand this option is work intensive and we cannot make multiple weekly changes.   


All families will need to indicate the training program their swimmer(s) would like to be involved in If we do not receive an email with your request, we will assume that you will be involved in the 4 or more practices per week level (default will be Option A).  Please send your response to [email protected] for each of your swimmers. 

Our goal is to offer a program that fits the needs of our present program and membership. 

If you would like to change groups for the following month, please send an email by the 25th of the previous month so that changes may set up for billing.  Changes will not be made after the 25th of the month.