Swim Team

Welcome to the ORCA Swim Team!

If you are interested in joining the ORCA year-round competitive swim team, simply come to one of our try-out sessions on Friday's at 5:15PM at Orange H.S. for 12 and younger swimmers or at 5:45 PM at El Modena H.S. for 13 and older swimmers. However, please check our practice schedule to verify the practice start time for the Friday you are planning on trying out, just in case we have a schedule change for that Friday.  If you are interested in our summer City of Orange non-competitive recreational swim team, please click on the Swim Lessons & Rec Teams Registration tab on the main page of this website.

Minimum requirements for our year-round competitive swim team for swimmers 12 and under are that the swimmer be able to complete two lengths of the pool (50 yards) swimming freestyle with proper side breathing, two lengths of the pool (50 yards) swimming backstroke, and they should know how to do a proper breaststroke and butterfly kick. Swimmers must also commit to swim in one swim meet per month and parents must commit to helping run our annual home meets; we typically host three to four meets per year. Minimum requirements for swimmers 13 years and older are the same except they should be able to swim 100 yards freestyle with proper side breathing and 100 yards backstroke.

Based on the try-out, swimmers will be assigned to a practice group to try that day or recommended for additional swimming lessons. For more information regarding initial placement and advancement throughout the team, please refer to our Group Outlines noted under the Swim Team tab above.

ORCA is a year-round swim program; therefore, you may start at anytime throughout the year. On the day of the tryout, our Team Administrator will be available to talk to you about the team. If your child passes the tryout and you are interested in joining, she will give you a USA Swimming registration form which will need to be completed and returned by your next practice. You will also need to complete your full registration with our team electronically via this website.


Program Fees

Per Child Monthly Swim Team Dues:
Bronze 1, 2, and 3 - $95
Silver 1, 2 and 3 - $110
Gold 1 - $110
Gold 2 and 3 - $125

Sibling discounts are as follows when paying monthly: 10% family discount for two children; 15% family discount for three children; 20% family discount for four or more children.

Per Child Swim Team Dues if paying for the entire six-month season (March-August or September-February):
Bronze 1, 2, 3 - $524
Silver 1, 2 and 3 - $607
Gold 1
- $563
Gold 2 and 3 - $690

Sibling discounts are as follows when paying for the full season: 10% family discount for two children; 15% family discount for three children; 20% family discount for four or more children. 

All monthly or seasonal swim payments are charged automatically to your checking account or credit card on the first day of the month or season. The Southern California Swimming (SCS)/USA Swimming registration fee of $64.00 must be paid separately with a check payable to SCS (Southern California Swimming).

Please Note: SCS registration fees are non-refundable. ORCA swim fees are non-refundable after three days of practice.

Necessary Gear Start-up Cost:

Practice gear is required for each group, along with a team cap and suit for swim meets. All necessary gear needed will cost between $150 and $220 depending on the group and gender of the swimmer; girls suits are more expensive than boys suits. Please see our Team Gear link to find out exactly what gear your child will need, and where to purchase it.