Family Info

Why Envious?


The Envious Swimming name was created in anticipation of the reaction to a new program and stands as our working goal. Envious swimming was started during a period where teams believed "less is more". We offer a unique program, different than anything else on the market from our name to how we operate. We have one of the most comprehensive programs available and are one of the largest programs in the New England area. We strive to create an environment and appearance that creates envy. We strive to create a feeling of envy of what our members can achieve and others can not. Children can roll over onto their backs, unassisted at 6 months of age where others can not. Creating envy that their friend’s children can swim all four strokes at the age of 3, while their 8 year old still cannot. Our competitors to look at our team and envy the way we swim, the results we obtain, the fun we have, and the way we look because our edgy style sets us further apart from every other program.

We strive to create a feeling of envy by other programs because of the relationship and hard work our staff puts into everything they do.  We do not try to imitate other programs. We aim to surpass them by doing things better, building from nothing, and creating a dynasty.

We are not the best, but we strive to become the best. We are not perfect, but we continue to aim for perfection. We will never relent in becoming better, no matter how much success we achieve. We will never stop, never quit, and never be satisfied with what we achieve. We will only look to improve and that is why our name will always stand out, create conversation, and always accurately represent our program: Envious Swimming.