Hall of Fame

Harford Swim League (HSL) has established a Swimming Hall of Fame for the purpose of honoring and perpetuating the memory of those persons who have distinguished themselves by their contribution to the sport of swimming and to the HSL. This contribution can be either competitively or through service.

Nomination for Induction into the Hall of Fame

  1. Nominations for induction into the HSL Hall of Fame may be made by any member of the Harford Swim League who is in good standing.
  2. Nominations must be submitted to the HSL secretary prior to the September 1st, either through an HSL Coach, HSL Representatives or HSL Executive Board Member.
  3. The nominee must have minimum 5 years service or competition within the HSL, have conducted themselves in such a way as to reflect honor on the HSL, and have demonstrated those qualities of character most desirable of an HSL Hall of Fame Member.
  4. A short biography with achievements must be submitted with the nomination, indicating the achievements, exceptional service or notable accomplishments warranting selection into the HSL Hall of Fame.

Selection of Hall of Fame Inductee

  1. The HSL Secretary will submit a list of eligible nominees at the HSL Fall Meeting to all HSL Representatives and Executive Board Members.
  2. Each HSL Representative and Executive Board Member shall be entitled to vote for six nominees by secret ballot.
  3. In order to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, a nominee must receive at least 2/3 of the votes by HSL Representatives or Executive Board Members, and be one of the top 3 vote getters.
  4. No more than 3 Hall of Fame Inductees will be chosen each year. In the case of a tie for the 3rd inductee, another vote will be taken until an inductee receives more votes than the others who they were tied with.
  5. All selected HSL Hall of Fame inductees will receive a plaque recognizing their accomplishments and achievements while actively involved, either competitively or through service with the HSL.

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Past Inductees:

Ben Garback

Amy Morloch

Maryann & Ted Smith

Shane Kelsey

Ken Oldendick

Patricia/Kevin Walls

Debbie Sakell

Sue Ellen North