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As of 09/2022: JFAC Swim School and Pre-team will not be running until further notice! 

JFAC Swim School (Originally called Pre-team)

Don't know where to start with your child's swim career? JFAC's Swim School is a great place to start! Pre-team is made for kids 3+ who do not much experience swimming. We start from the basics and build your child's skill up to a competitive standard. Swim School has the following levels:

Level 1: This level is for kids who have no experience swimming. We start with teaching them the basics including breathing techniques, floating, and jumping. Once your child has mastered the basic techniques, they will learn how to do freestyle kick sitting, on the wall, and using a kick board. 

Level 2: This level is for kids who have either completed level 1 or are familiar with the techniques and skills learned in level 1. We continue learning how to kick on with kick board and teach them how to pull with the kick board. Your child will also be introduced to backstroke kick. 

Level 3: This level is for kids who have either completed level 2 or are familiar with the techniques and skills learned in level 1&2. Once your child is familiar with pulling with a kickboard, we teach them how to do freestyle pull without the kickboard.

JFAC Pre-Team

JFAC pre-team is for kids of any age who know how to swim freestyle, but are not fully familiar with the other strokes. In these lessons, your child will review freestyle and be introduced to backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Our goal is to prepare your child to enter our competitive team. Pre-team is 8 lessons. After the 8 lesson, your child will either be moved onto our novice group or recommended more lessons based on their skill. 

JFAC Competitive Swim Team

Our competitive team is all-year round intensive program. This program is made for swimmers who have experience with competitive swimming or have advanced skills and would like to start their competitive swimming careers. We offer a variety of groups: 

Novice | Pre-junior | Junior | Senior 3 | Senior 2 | Senior 1 

For more information please contact:

Ruben Sembrano | Head Coach | [email protected]