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  Jupiter Dragons Parent Organization

The purpose of this corporation is to provide services to the swim team members, to organize and carry out any function or competition needed for the swimmers, to raise funds which shall be used for the sole purpose of benefiting the Jupiter Dragons Swim Team and to ease communication among parents, swimmers, coaches, and facility. This corporation shall be supported and maintained by the parents of the Jupiter Dragons Swim Team.

The Jupiter Dragons Parents Organization is an institution solely designed to aid the swimmers. By raising money to provide better equipment, holding fun events, and aiding in the management of home swim meets, the Jupiter Dragons Parents Organization is providing a necessary family atmosphere for the swimmers. In this environment, the swimmers of Jupiter Dragons will receive the benefit they deserve to not only become great swimmers but also great people.

The Jupiter Dragons Parents Organization board is composed of five non-paid volunteers that attempt to achieve the above goals with the help of various committees and the participation of all members. The Board Meetings are relatively informal and are open to all members.


Board of Directors Jupiter Dragons Parent Organization Emails

Jonathan Zuchowski (President)

(561) 373-2772   jz3345 [email protected]

Paula Delgado (Vice President)

(561) 747-4133 [email protected]
Amy Cronin (Treasurer) (561) 310-4705

[email protected]

Suzanne Farrell (Secretary)

(561) 889-8722

[email protected]

Emily Edwards (Member at Large)

(561) 379-8087 [email protected]


Our Parents Organization needs volunteers in the following areas. Call or send us an email.

Annual Awards Banquet

Annual Picnic

Team Socials

Plan Other Social Events


Swim Meets at our Pool

Serve as an Official

Learn to become an Official


Work the Gate

Help Prepare Equipment for the Meet

Hospitality Room/Concession stand

Train on Timer Console or Computer (requires knowledge of swimming)

Help with Bullpen



Help with Newsletter

Contact Local Newspaper about the team

Bulletin Board/Record Board



Help Prepare New Member Packets

Help with New Member Orientation

Phone Calling

Fund Raising

Help Prepare and Organize Specific Fund Raisers

Help Find Corporate or Other Sponsors

Sell Heat Sheet Ads for our Swim Meets