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"Sea Gull-ism"
Introducing “Sea Gull-ism”:
This page will expose everyone to some Sea Gull-ism… Simple thoughts or concepts that separate Sea Gulls from everyone else.
Created by Head Coach George.
Sea Gull-ism #1: Progressive training groups are the foundation of the team. Building skill, endurance, speed and solid individuals through a progressive Sea Gull way.
Sea Gull-ism #2: Recovery Base Training is the tool for training Sea Gull Swimmers.
Sea Gull-ism #3: The Sea Gulls promote the "FULL BODY Kick" for Freestyle and Butterfly.
Sea Gull-ism #4: From JR Bronze to Platinum levels the Sea Gulls are taught the technique known as Hip driven Freestyle. The Sea Gull Swimmers use a hip driven Freestyle.
Sea Gull-ism #5: Sea Gull Swimmers stand up straight on the starting blocks before the start. Breath in /breath out....
Sea Gull-ism #6:  Can you be totally be SAFE, according to the Scholastic Dictionary Safe is -- not in danger of being harmed or stolen. Is one safe or can one be safer. One can be safer to lead to a safe state.
Can one be FAST, according to the Scholastic Dictionary FAST is --moving in a hurry or being quick. Is one fast or can one be faster. Being faster will lead to being fast.
SGSG will use the terms 'faster' and not 'fast' and use 'safer' and not 'safe' to view the progressions of the general theme "I will get faster", a simple BUT true overview of a mindset of a Sea Gull swimmer.
Sea Gull-ism #7: The Sea Gull's approach to swim competition is very different than most teams. SGSG tries to offer a variety of swim meets. The Sea Gull's head Coach George Young has developed a concept of a meet within a meet.  At least once a year the Sea Gull will offer an "ALL STAR" setting meet to promote a championship meet for the most dedicated swimmers on the team. This meet is an actual Metro Committee swim meet but has a twist of a "SGSG All Star" concept. Elite level swimmers and at the same time the dedicated up and coming swimmers all becoming "All Stars" blended together. True Sea Gull-ism!
Sea Gull-ism #8: Safer & Safest is the theme for Sea Gullism #8 -- All Sea Gull swimmers use a three point entry every time they enter the water!
Sea Gull-ism #9: SGSG takes a food-first approach when advising athletes on eating and a well balance diet.
Sea Gull-ism #10Due dates are due dates. Rules are rules. SGSG follow due dates and rules.
Sea Gull-ism #11: "Not by my sword nor by my might BUT by my spirit"
Sea Gull-ism #12: Being mentally prepared and over training for an events is pure Sea Gullism!!! The Sea Gulls have been using this concept of training for over 27 years!