How to Join!

 New Swimmer Tryouts & Infromation

New swimmer tryouts are scheduled by appointment only. Please contact Stacy at [email protected]

NEW swimmer TRYOUTS involve the child demonstrating their stroke skills and knowledge, and maybe participating in a swim practice to give the parent and child the chance to understand what the swim team involves and give the coaches the opportunity to evaluate the swimmer's skill level and endurance..

​Practice groups are based on skill and ability level, NOT by age.

DEVELOPMENT PRACTICE GROUPS (no manditory attendance requirements)

MIGHTY MITES 1 & 2 (recommend 2-3 practices per week)

NOVICE   (recommend 3 practices per week)

AGE GROUP 1 (recommend 3-5 practices per week)

GOLD - AGE GROUP 2 & HIGH SCHOOL OFF SEASON (recommend 4-6 practices per week)

ELITE PRACTICE GROUPS (manditory attendance requirements)




​There is no manditory minimum number of practices required, except for the Senior group. Three practices per week are recommended to see continued progress and improvement. Dues are paid the first week of every month. There is NO pro-rated price reduction if a swimmer attends less days per week.  Competitions are not manditory, but this is a competition based training program, not an exercise class.

Please have your child prepared for a success full tryout, with goggles and a competitive swimsuit (one piece with no ties for girls, no beach board shorts or baggie shorts for boys). If hair is below their chin, the swimmer needs a swim cap.

*Parking is difficult at Pierce College Monday through Thursday, when classes are in session; Lot 7 off Victory and Mason usually has spaces available near the soccer fields.  Fridays parking is open.

.     For Birmingham: enter campus from Victory Blvd at Birmingham Rd. As you come into the main parking lot, the entrance curves to the right with the cones, go to the far north east end of the lot, next to the football field. The pool is behind the wall, through the large gate in the north corner.