Triathlete Training

Triathletes can either rent pool time for practice or take private lessons to work on stroke technique in our new indoor "endless pool". We offer 360 degrees video taping as well. So with cameras imbedded in the ceiling and in the pool, a swimmer can stop and watch their stroke for immediate feedback.

Triathlete Pool Rental:  Our indoor endless pool is available to rent for triathlete practice. Prices vary and are based on 30 minute increments. Please call our lesson coordinator at 904-608-4775 to arrange pool rental times. Athletes will get use of the 360 degrees video taping for instant feedback on their strokes.   *The indoor pool is currently being built and is expected to be available in February 2018.

Technique Lessons:  Are you a triathlete who just needs to focus on one part of your stroke? Is your goal to beat your latest triathlon time? We have instructors who specialize in working with adults who need to take their stroke to the next level. Please call our lesson coordinator at 904-608-4775 to schedule your technique lessons. Prices are based on our private lessons fee and are $40 for each 30 minute class. You will be required to schedule a minimum of four classes. 

360 Degrees Video:  We provide 360 degrees video recording for athletes that train in our endless pool. Cameras located in the ceiling, pool side, and pool floor, give instant feedback to the swimmer. 360 degrees video is available to athletes who rent the pool for their own training and for athletes who are in technique lessons.