Swimmer Info

FAST has set performance standards in all of the group descriptions.  However, FAST recognizes that not all of the groups in the water may match exactly what is written but is a group that can train together.  The group descriptions contain measurables that each swimmer must strive to meet to advance through the groups.  Ideally, each swimmer will spend 2-3 seasons or about 1.5 years in each group.  Below are the non-measurables that the coaching staff looks at when discussing group moves.  Group moves will only happen at the beginning of each season.

  • Attendance
    • Regardless of performance would the swimmer be attending enough practices so as not to fall behind in the group?
  • Presence
    • Would the swimmer be considered to be in the middle of the group they were moving to?  Where were they in the previous group (top, middle, bottom)?
  • “Top Dog”
    • Have they had the chance to be the “top dog” in the previous group?
  • Technique
    • Regardless of performance will they grow from a technique perspective in the current group?
  • Attitude
    • What is their attitude towards the sport?  Will moving up be a detriment or will it be positive mentally?
  • How do they fit into the next group
    • How do they fit socially and personality wise?  How do they affect the group dynamic