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 the FISH 2013 Summer Program


Those of you who swam with us last summer returned in the fall in much better shape, much stronger, and with better strokes.  Participation in this year’s summer program could go a long ways towards dramatic improvements next year.

Due to increased conditioning and development of skills for swimmers in our summer program, FISH who choose not to participate this summer may find it difficult to keep up to their current group in the fall, and may be asked to participate in a different group next year.

Our 2013 Summer Program starts on Saturday, May 25th, and runs through Friday, July 26th FISH who have qualified for an August meet (Zones, Sectionals, Junior Nationals, Senior Nationals) will have access to long course training until Tuesday, August 6th.   (Level II and higher FISH will also have access to these practices.)

To view the practice schedule, please go to Group Calendar!

All qualified swimmers will be expected to compete in the PVS Age Group and/or PVS Senior Championships.  Should you qualify for Zones, you will be expected to attend.


        Following is our fee structure for the 2013 FISH Summer:

Level V  -  Awesome FISH/invited Wakefield FISH 

Level IV -  Incredible FISH /invited Wakefield FISH

Level III -  Terrific FISH/invited Wakefield FISH 

 Level II -  AAG/invited Wakefield FISH 

Level I -  Age Group /invited Wakefield FISH and stronger Mini FISH 

In order to join this summer’s program, we need a non-refundable payment, payable to    the FISH   ,   for this year’s summer fee, and for next winter’s program.  

If you choose to spread your payment over several checks, the first check must cover at least 40% of the total fee, accompanied with all remaining post-dated checks.  Each post-dated check must include a $20.00 installment option surcharge.  Your registration will not be considered complete until all installment checks are received.  Should any installment check be rejected by your bank, regardless of the reason, Fish may elect to consider the entire unpaid balance immediately due and payable in which event you will be liable for collection fees, including interest at 1.5% per month, legal fees and court costs.  In addition, there is a $25 fee for returned checks.