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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Newport Penguins Swim and Dive Team?

Established in 2012, the Newport Penguins Swim and Dive Team is a summer youth swim and dive team in Newport, Kentucky and is a division of the Newport Foundation, Inc.  The Team’s home is the Veteran’s Memorial Park Pool, located at 26 Caroline Drive in Newport.  The Team offers competitive swim and dive instruction to area children through the a competitive Swim and Dive Team, Junior Team, and a Swim Lessons Program, depending on skill level. 

The Team's Mission is to provide children from all backgrounds with an opportunity to develop individual swimming and diving skills, participate in healthy individual and team competition, enhance overall health and wellness, increase focus and discipline, and have greater pride in the Newport community.  The Team's Vision is to provide all Newport and surrounding area children with access to water safety training and, for all who are interested, participation in summer competitive swimming and diving without cost as a barrier.  

The Newport Penguins is part of the Newport Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit whose goals include recreational improvements and activities for the children in Newport, Kentucky. The address for the Newport Foundation, Inc. is:  PO Box 72373, Newport, Kentucky 41071. 

The Team is open to Newport and non-Newport residents alike.

Who does the Team compete against?

The Newport Penguins is a member team of the Northern Kentucky Swim League. The NKSL consists of 10 teams in Campbell, Kenton and Boone Counties in Northern Kentucky. NKSL competition is broken into the following age-group categories: 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, and 15 & over, based on the member’s age as of May 31st.

Where does the Team practice?

The home pool for the Team is Newport’s Veterans Memorial Pool located at 26 Caroline Drive, Newport Kentucky, which is owned by the City of Newport. Parents/guardians must provide transportation to and from meets, practices and lessons for Team members and Junior Penguins.

What kind of time commitment does the Team involve?

We understand that summer is a busy time with vacations and other activities. While Team members are not required to attend all practices and meets, they are encouraged to attend as many as possible to get the most out of the experience. 

Throughout the season, the Swim and Dive Team offer practices 5 days a week at times dependent upon individual skill level.  Team practices start the last week of May and continue through the end of July. Swim meets are held every Thursday evening with warm-ups starting at approximately 5:00 p.m. and dive meets are held every Tuesday evening with warm-ups starting at approximately 5:30 p.m. Championship meet selections are made by the Team's coaches.  The Team’s practice and meet schedule can be accessed by clicking "Events" and "Calendars".  

The Team and the NKSL are volunteer-run organizations. Volunteer participation by all families is mandatory throughout the season, with at least a three time regular season volunteer commitments by each Team family for each sport children in which the family participates.  For example, a family with an athlete on the Swim Team and Dive Team will have three volunteer session requirements to fill at regular season swim meets and three volunteer session requirements to fill at regular season dive meets.  Families with children who participate in any championship meet also have championship meet volunteer requirements based on NKSL needs for the specific championship meets.  Athletes may not be permitted to participate in competitions absent families meeting these minimum and mandatory volunteer requirements.  

If I am not a great swimmer/diver, can I join the Team?

Team readiness decisions are made by the head swim and head dive coaches at the beginning of each summer.  At a minimum, to join the Swim Team, each child must be able to meet the Team’s readiness guidelines, which are provided in detail under the "FAQs and Policies" tab.  To join the Dive Team, at a minimum, each child must be able to safely swim in the diving well from the diving boards to the ladders and meet each of the Team's additional readiness requirements.  In addition, Team readiness decisions include an assessment of coaching staff resources to meet the safety and skills training needs of all children. 

The Team's readiness guidelines ensure the safety of all Swim and Dive Team members and that Team members reach their full potential. A Team Readiness Assessment is made by the coaches during a child's first practice(s) each season for each potential new Team member.  The coaches determine when swimmers and divers are prepared for competition. The Team’s focus is to encourage everyone to do their best and to have fun in the process!

What if I do not meet the Team's readiness guidelines?  Join the Junior Team or Sign-up for the Swim Lessons Program!

The Team's Swim Lessons Program was started in 2015 and teaches basic swim safety skills and beginning stroke development.  It is made possible through the generous grant support of the USA Swimming Foundation "Make a Splash" Program.  Spots in the Swim Lesson Program are limited and available on a first-come basis.  Click on "Calendars" to access the dates and times for this year's sessions.  

Each of the Swim Lessons Program sessions consists of 4-8 lessons lasting 30-60 minutes in duration.  To reserve a spot in any Swim Lesson Program session, individuals must register and spots are filled on a first come basis.  Lessons are FREE to Newport residents and for non-Newport residents each single session fee is $50.00.  All Swim Lesson Program participants must be potty trained.  

The Junior Team launched in summer 2019 for children who have advanced beyond the Swim Lessons Program but do not yet meet the Team's Readiness Requirements.  Junior Team members have practices twice a week.  Junior Team members do not have family volunteer requirements at meets, but will participate and be integrated into Team activities throughout the summer, including being part of an end of season intramural meet and being invited to the end-of-season Team banquet.  The goal of the Junior Team is to develop proficient and safe swimmers and potentially prepare participants for success as members of the Team as their swimming skills improve.  

The Junior Team cost is $75 per child if he/she is a Newport resident. For non-Newport residents, the Junior Team cost is $100 per child.  If a child is only on the Junior Team and does not have any family member on the Swim or Dive Team, the family is not required to be a member of the City of Newport's Veteran's Memorial Pool and pay the pool membership fee.

What is the cost of joining the Team?

There are two components of the cost to join the Swim and/or Dive Team, (1) the pool membership fee, and (2) the Team member fee.

Pool Membership Fee: All Swim and Dive Team members must have a family membership to the City of Newport’s Veterans Memorial Pool. A Veterans Memorial Pool family membership for up to five (5) family members is $150. There is an additional $25 per person fee for each additional family member beyond five (5) for both Newport and non-Newport residents. Veterans Memorial Pool membership cards will be distributed by the team and available in mid-May.  After June 1st, pool membership cards must be present for members to access the Veterans Memorial Pool. 

Team Member Fee: In addition, there is a $50 Team fee for each Team member if he/she is a Newport resident. For non-Newport residents, there is a $75 non-resident fee for each Team member.

Financial Assistance Available: It is the vision of the Team to provide any Team ready child with an opportunity to participate. Scholarships are available for interested families in need of financial assistance for the required fees. If you are requesting financial assistance, please request a scholarship application by clicking "Contact Us".  

How do I register for the Team, Junior Team or Swim Lessons Program?

Registration for the Team, Junior Team and Swim Lessons Program is on-line through this site. For Team registration, go to the website Home page, click on the panel labeled "Swim and Dive Team Registration" to create a user account and fill out the Team registration form.  For the Junior Team or Swim Lessons Program registration, go to the website Home page, click on the Event for the Junior Team or the session of lessons in which you wish to participate to create a user account and fill out the registration. 

What are the Team's policies and expectations?

The Penguins' experience for the Team, Junior Team and Swim Lessons Program is focused on safety, sportsmanship, community and fun.  All Team athletes, Junior Team members, Swim Lessons Program participants and their families are subject to a code of conduct set forth in the Team's Policies and that is agreed upon by each family as a required part of the registration process for any program.  Additionally, all Swim and/or Dive Team families have a minimum regular season and championship meet volunteer requirement for athletes to participate in competition as set forth in the Team's policies.  The Team's Policies are updated prior to the beginning of each summer and are available under the "Policies and FAQ" tab on the website Home page.