Swim Groups

The Northern Aquatic Club offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of the Northern Aquatic Club to offer age-specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.

Meet attendance is required for any Team Meet and is strongly encouraged for other meets which are posted on the 'Event Tab'.

Please call Coach Miguel (Migs) at 505-930-1007 to schedule a tryout for group placement.


PUPS Coach Nancy LeScouranec

This is our beginning level.  A minimum of 2 practices per week is highly recommended.  Swimmers must be able to swim an entire length. Swimmers work on all 4 strokes, turns, streamlines and underwater swimming. Swimmers in this group are prepared to compete at meets appropriate for their age. Competing monthly at swim meets is highly encouraged. 


BRONZE Coaches Gabriella Castillo and Dana Catron

Athletes move into this group from Pups. Swimmers should attend at least 2-3 practices per week.  Athletes in this group are exposed to drills and kicking in all four strokes as well as turns and starts. Swimmers begin to develop aerobic endurance. Competing at swim meets is highly encouraged at a rate of about once per month. Competing monthly at swim meets is highly encouraged and is required for any Team Meet.


SILVER Coach Miguel Castillo

Athletes entering this group must begin training on a more committed and consistent basis, with a minimum requirement of 3 practices per week swimmers will progress at a good rate. Training takes precedence over technique work for the first time in the athlete's development.  Athletes in this group train for the 200 in all strokes and typically compete in the 200 Individual Medley and Distance Freestyle. Competing at swim meets at least once per month is highly recommended and very important and is required for any Team Meet

GOLD Coach Miguel Castillo

Athletes who have a strong desire to perform at their highest level of capability with Zones, Sectional and higher as the goal, this group demands greater practice attendance: A required minimum of 4 practice times per week is needed to ensure success in this group. Training is geared towards individual needs with a strong emphasis on aerobic endurance and proper stroke techniques. All four competitive strokes and race distances are trained and competed in meets. Competing at all appropriate team meets is expected and is required for any Team Meet